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    Something needed

    add some red crushed peppers to it for a little heat and maybe some fresh basil
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    Chicken Broth

    yes egg shells will help clarify the broth and no salt
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    What do you do when the food is not up to par?

    I agree with you 100% if they suck make sure you let them know but that is why I do not eat out. We all need to make them realize that bad food and work is not what the majority want so stop it, you will not get a compliment or money for sh........... We all work hard for our money and those who...
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    What do you do when the food is not up to par?

    Thats why I do not go out to eat. I have been doing food for 42 years and always said it is all right to srew over the customer but never ever make it so noticable they know they are being ripped off.
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    any venison resipes

    if it is real game soak it in buttermilk it will remove a lot of it. One of my best chili was made with venison. maybe some sausage if you have a grinder
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    bottom round recipes needed

    glad I could be a help, how about stuffed w/ blanch julliane veggies wrap with bacon or do a beef cordon bleu made w/morzerralla and wrapped w/ capacola ham then braised w/ mushrooms and red wine
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    bottom round recipes needed

    yesw smash them and watch out for the humididty because we all know its not the temp.and becareful making weggiballs do not over cook them
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    any venison resipes

    saurbraten was originaly made with deer meat find a good recipe and follow it and enjoy
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    bottom round recipes needed

    My favoprite is them stuffed with spinach,onions,mushrooms and cheese the cheese is up to you I prefer Fete or gorgonzola
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    bottom round recipes needed

    Slice,pound and season stuffed with anything you like then roll them up wrap with bacon then sear then braise in a light veggie tomato sauce serve with rossoto, rice or smashed potatoes
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    Good ol' recipes

    I have all my mothers recipes and yes ingredients no other info.thes do include baking too All written down on envelopes,scap pieces of paper, old store recipt, all stuck in old cook books . I have duplicated most of them and have written them down in some kind of form, but I am the same way...
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    bottom round recipes needed

    slice it into cutlets bread as a schnitzel top with a hunters style sauce with gerkins sliced and roasted peppers
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    Best Vacation Food???!!!

    I am with you I go visit my brother in Pahrump,NV and one night the seafood buffet the next night the prime rib buffet. You can not eat any cheaper and great prpared food.
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    Serves Four

    Yes that is a little larger then in a resturant I believe they are 6 oz. but much larger for a total meal. I have problems when a cookie recipe says 4 doz. or so I never get what they call for I always get less.
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    Today's Recipe: Simple Shrimp Salad Sandwich

    Mix the shrimp with cream cheese and green onios worshire sauce and old bay seasoning
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