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    What's your latest food addiction?

    Hot steaming instant noodles mixed with raw eggs and msg filled soup mix from the package. Truly a beautiful sight to behold.
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    I want to learn as much as possible.

    Maybe you can learn some cooking from Sanji! ( I kid) I found Martin Yan's video helpful. note: he uses a cleaver but the techniques work just as well for a chef's knife also. Martin Yan part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4( debone a chicken in less than 30 seconds!) part 5 Judging by...
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    Seattle. Good eats.

    On my trip to Seattle The Pike Place had some really great clam chowder. I think its ranked first for the best clam chowder in the city.
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    Why no culinary school romances?

    That explains why I was groped so much :O.
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    Why no culinary school romances?

    The characteristics the industry often attracts?
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    Global Chefs Knives

    I used the chef knife for sushi for awhile. its a sharp knife and feels nice in my hand. the blade rolls easily so you need a ceramic honing rod. I find the spear - paring knife extremely awkward to hold when you wanna do stuff like peeling or carving. vegetable cutter is decent though imo kind...
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    your life as a line cook

    How did you guys survive during your years as a linecook? after working a couple jobs here I learned somethings. 1) It's a lot of fun  2)your social life goes down the drain 3) almost no time or tired to cook at home 4) s*** pay. the last 3 facts I've learned worries me about the future...
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    infused olive oil fresh vs dried

    I really just wanna taste it and give something new to my family  dinners. I'll probably only make just enough for 1 day of immidate consumption, because I know that it might be another couple weeks before they are willing to try something else lol. but when worse comes to worse can't you just...
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    infused olive oil fresh vs dried

    I'm about to experiment with some olive oil. I take it that you take w/e herb and blanch it quickly then blend it with some oil and let it sit for a day and you got your infused oil.  Is there a significant difference in taste when making it with fresh compared to dried after straining? Take...
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    got a quastion

    I got into the business 6 months ago and dropped everything yesterday. why? you start with low pay and extremely hard work. I'm not saying the hard work scared me away from it but the pay was just so low I worry about the future if I were to support a family on 15$/hr while  working 65...
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    Is Culinary school right for me?

    yeah I didn't really specify, my dad is a Welder  . Just saying that if there is any kind of benefits he can take advantage of  then take it instead of paying 100% of the cost for schooling. I don't know what its like in BC but here in Alberta if you graduate from a trade ( culinary included)...
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    Is Culinary school right for me?

    also try look at your parent's benefit's My father is in a union so he is able to claim half of the tuition and since my mother works for the government I am eligible for a scholarship.
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    Intro and Chicken Stock question

    since you just mentioned you have a pressure cooker why not just boil it in the pressure cooker for 20 minutes for the stock instead? I use a 12 quart kuhn rikon and make a large batch. Comes out very clear. It is also important you do not cook it longer than 20 minutes otherwise it will become...
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