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    Sharpening Stone Advice

    I mispoke: Failing memory at 60; ) The two Takamuras were Migakis. One a 210mm Gyuto the other a 130mm Petty.
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    Sharpening Stone Advice

    Coincidentally enough, after much research two years ago I decided on two Takamura Petty knives (R2 powdered stainless steel) and Shapton glass for sharpening. This was an upgrade to real chef knives from Chicago Cutlery knives we got as wedding presents in 1988. I'd always wanted Wusthoff...
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    Knife Suggestions for Gift Giving

    Hi Zatch, I bought the same two Takamura knives for a wedding present to a friend that I'd bought for myself. There is a superstition about giving knives as presents that I wasn't aware of. Give a penny along with the knife and then have your Mom give the penny back after she gets the gift...
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    Kamikoto knives

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum but wanted to comment on Kamikoto. I bought two Takamura knives from a couple of years ago. Two great knives fir $300. Started shopping again for a good heavy duty cleaver for butchering/carving, but haven't decided yet. Like magic I get the...
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