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    resort banquet pastry production... pros and cons?

    I have an interview with a local resort in Scottsdale, Arizona for a banquet pastry production position. Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of working 1) at a resort 2) banquet pastry? thanks!
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    The December 2017 Challenge is . . . "VEGAN"

    image.jpeg by freshbaked posted Jun 20, 2016 at 10:14 AM hmm! almond ricotta ravioli!
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    Menu Development Contract- Salary and more

    Hello! I have not yet been offered the job, but I am talking to an owner of a new Edible Cookie Dough concept opening in my home town. They are looking for a someone to develop their entire menu for dough that can be both baked and raw, with some vegan and gluten free options. This menu will be...
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    Pork Belly- valentines day menu

    I run a seafood concept and I have a few pork bellies in the freezer, im looking to do something with them for valentines day. I had a chocolate/espresso/chile dry rub that i was thinking about usuing, and pairing with scallops and ___? But in looking for tips or a recipe for cured/braised pork...
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    Chef salary vs hourly

    Sorry, I dont think I made myself clear. My point was they want to put my on salary and am curious what is reasonable for this situation
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    Chef salary vs hourly

    So a little bit about my situation... Im 22, female, and I was the sous chef at a new concept before we opened, 100% involved in all menu planning, kitchen organization/design and hiring. The exec chef left 3 weeks before opening day and the owners asked me to step up and be exec. It was my...
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    Chef Schedule

    Hello! ​So I recently received my first chef position and the restaurant is set to open next week.  We have been running on strange schedules because the opening is so hectic.  I am trying to figure out everyones set schedules, specifically mine and my sous chef.  How does the schedule typically...
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    Best beer for Fish & Chips

    I am working on a fish and chips recipe and I am looking for some beers to try.  I am currently using a mandarin beer but I received some pretty wide spread opinions. 
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    Executive Chef tips & organization

    My main issue is storage. Right now, all spatulas/laddles/whisk/etx. are stored in bus tubs. I was lookong to install a bar somewhere in the kitchen where these items can be hung, but that us a slow process due to other FOH construction. I was just wondering if anyone had any storage tips for a...
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    Executive Chef tips & organization

    ​Of course! I should have know, haha! It's a global seafood concept, with heavy Mediterranean influence.  All seafood is fresh, never frozen, never out of the water for more than 36 hours.  There is also a raw bar with oysters, sushi, clams, peel & eat shrimp, etc.  Next to the raw bar there...
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    Executive Chef tips & organization

    Does anyone have any adive for a new, first time executive chef? The restaurant js still not open and i am finalizing the menu. Im looking for advice as far as organization with paperwork and smallwares in a small kitchen... Also just any adivce would be great!
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    21 year old executive chef

    So a lot has happened in the last few months. I was hired on as a sous chef and my executive chef has since quit, and the owners have since asked me to fill in a run the kitchen. The restaurant has not yet opened and I finished the menu and did all documentation by myself. We have hired a...
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    Restaurant desserts: yeast doughnut

    Thank you for this information. I will definitely give this a shot. After the dough is pulled from the freezer and rises to the spec I am looking for, could I hold them in the fridge to prevent overproofing? Or do you think it will cause the dough to lose its proof?
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    My Exec chef is M.I.A., what should I do?

    So, I was able to speak with the owners about everything that has been going on. Luckily for me, the owner initiated the conversation. It turns out that the Exec. Chef will not be returning. We had a great conversation about the work that has been done since the chef has been gone and they...
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    My Exec chef is M.I.A., what should I do?

    Two months ago I took an offer to be a sous chef at a new seafood concept. The restaurant has still not opened. I was working one-on-one with the exec. Chef in our test kitchen and I have been involved in every aspect of creating the menu. I personally made about 30-40% of the menu items and...
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