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    Scallion Pancakes

    Hi Phatch, thanks a lot for providing us with those videos. Really makes me want to try these! :)
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    Cinnamon in beef stew?
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    Cinnamon in beef stew?

    In Moroccan dishes like couscous or tagine you can find the combination of cinnamon and beef and it works very well. However if the roast is already trusted with cinnamon and you add "a few" sticks, that sounds like a LOT of cinnamon, unless your cinnamon is old and tasteless by now. But if it's...
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    Lamb chops

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    Deep Frying at home

    I use a deep fryer that has a lid, and place it outside on my balcony. I reuse the oil a few times before changing it. When I need to change it, I compost the old oil.
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    Chicken Stock - How important is blanching?

    Blanching removes some of the impurities. It's useful in two cases: 1. Your chicken has a lot impurities. 2. You need absolutely crystal clear chicken stock. So think about the goal. If you're making chicken stock for a Japanese broth that you want to look very clear, blanch. If you're...
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    Do you grind the stems from cloves along with the rest?

    Great thank you all for your feedback. I guess I'll stop worrying about picking the buds apart from their stems. Not sure where I'd read that.
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    Do you grind the stems from cloves along with the rest?

    I'm making Garam Masala. I remember reading that you had to use only the ball at the tip of cloves in spice mixes? I wonder if the stems can also be ground along with everything or if you do have to take the time to separate the ball from the stems and use only the ball. I don't mind doing it, I...
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    What are you listening to these days?

    I had no idea one could do that. That's a great idea! :)
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    Newbie to the group!

    Moderators? Bueller? Anyone?
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    Unique honey varietals?

    One of my favorite is Chestnut tree honey. It's got a very strong flavor that isn't to everyone's taste, but me and my family go through several kilos of the stuff every winter. Definitely something to try out if you're in the hunt for something special.
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    Newbie to the group!

    First poster with an affiliate link to Amazon = spammer. You're not welcome here.
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    Guess The Dish...

    Ok so it was Pastilla:
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    Guess The Dish...

    Nope! :emoji_laughing:
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    Guess The Dish...

    • Chicken • Eggs • Butter • Onions • Ginger • Cinnamon • Almonds • Sugar • Icing sugar • Brick pastry sheets
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