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  • your an inspiration to me I'm getting back in to the biz and reading what you write gives me ideas and such right now I'm playing around getting my feet wet in my apartment kitchen doing technical baking before i have a chef ask me to do somethings I will have a clue wha to do . its funny reviewing my old recipes i still remember 90% of the methods without having to look them up . I know this tim around i will have alot more respect for my chefs and other co workers than I did when i was younger but I think that s part of growing up
    Thanks for you knowledge there is more than one way to all kinds of things with food especially pastry . I will try the ways you mentioned and see if they work for me the spirit is alive and well on here where we can all share in ways of making great things with food I agree with you on the addition of a sugar to ganache I used to do that as well when I looked up my notes I used to add sugar dissolved in a liquid or honey all the time . Thanks for you great professional knowledge and advice you are a great one indeed . Michael
    Thanks pump for always keeping an eye on the threads really appreciate that.
    HI foodpump
    Thanks for your recent contribution to my recent query for white chocolate ganache and candied raspberry cake filling. I was helped heaps by all you guys and I can say I have really appreciated all the advice.

    Many thanks

    Burglars like the way you think.
    My wife and kids are alive today because she had a shotgun in the house while I was at work.
    In Kenesaw,Ga. they passed a law where everyone had to have a gun and the crime rate went down 80%
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