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    Dark Royal blue color help!!!!

    @Drea83  The secret to achieve any colour is to know the colour wheel spectrum and what makes up the colour you wish to achieve. Primary colours like: red, yellow and blue then lead into secondary colours like: orange, green and violet that then lead into tertiary colours like: green-yellow...
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    Any macaron fans?

    @Misschief  That is awesome!! She is a great teacher and is very good at what she does. I love her family and her husband Pierre-Jean is a hoot 
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    Any macaron fans?

    @MisschiefI would appreciate and enjoy ANY macaron placed in front of me handmade with love!! Hollow or not lol so I understand about the no waste rule    @jtbosslady101  it was a hard job however the experience was worth it. I will admit that it takes a lot for me to be coerced into making...
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    Any macaron fans?

    Hi @Misschief   I thought I would lend a hand with the figuring macarons out. I used to work for Laduree a long time ago and I also used to help out Sandrine French Pastry and Chocolates in Kelowna when she needed it back in the day when they first opened.  Your macarons came our hollow due to...
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    Small rice size lumps!

    @nattysawer  so I have come up against this before in my career. I found it was the change in the types, ratio and who was milling with the wheat flour. Many companies that I have used their flour for years are changing as a result go tougher grow years with the flour, different millers they...
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    Martha Stewarts Christmas Cookie tv show of about 8 or more years ago

    Martha doesn't really change her recipes from year to year so just look up her Gingerbread cookie recipes and go from there.  This link has a video and the recipe has all the spices you have mentioned. This same recipe...
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    Knife for hire....

    Aw man that is a big step as I had sold my place recently and had to figure out stuff to I hope your new adventure into working for someone else is a good one! 
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    Butterscotch Pie Water Problem!

    I have never heard of putting water into a butterscotch pie recipe before as this would destroy the custard consistency. I am assuming the reason why she had 3/4 cup of water was because she was using a double boiler to make her custard over and that is the only thing that would need water if...
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    One man pastry shop?

    Like I have stated before......THE ONLY place you can sell your HOMEMADE cookies are at the farmers market......NO WHERE ELSE. This is why I gave you all the info about renting a commercial kitchen so that you can sell to wholesale clients and online if you chose. Please re-read what I have...
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    Ginger Snap troubleshooting

    Heya Stuart you can add the molasses to the dough as long as it is not baked 
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    food truck questions

    First off, a Food Truck is a business so you will have to start with a business plan. This will answer all the who, what, when, where, why and how questions that can then focus you on the particulars as to where you need to start. It is a very expensive endeavour so bear that in mind as not only...
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    One man pastry shop?

    Yea the cupcake thing has been overdone. kind of like the macaron thing as well. People always like the next thing made new and improved lol!!  I think we are definitely a "doughnut" nation so I am sure you could potentially hit gold with some good cake doughnut flavour combos. Timmy Ho's got...
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    One man pastry shop?

    If you rent a kiosk then you will HAVE to do all your baking in a health inspected commercial kitchen. ONLY the farmers market is where you can sell your low risk food items from your home. I know this seems weird but it is the way it is. Hope that clarifies. Other than that GO FOR IT!!! I can't...
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    One man pastry shop?

    It is only ok for LOW RISK foods. So certain baked goods are in that category. As Mimi has said above, DONUTS, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, etc are on that list however, certain additions are not on that list like when you add cheese or meat into the equation then it falls into the category of...
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    One man pastry shop?

    I know riiiiight!! Look into it more and ask your local farmers markets what is needed. It's a way you can also work on your labelling, branding and marketing to get it right.
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