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    OK To Use a Crockpot to Keep Burgers, Hot Dogs Warm?

    Since you have access to power you can do this on-site or @home and hold in a warmed cooler, agree with other comments hot dogs are already cooked so all you're doing is searing them so, have @! Cheers! Sous-Vide Hamburger Temperature and Timing Chart Doneness Temperature Timing Range Very...
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    Ideas for pub menu, interesting scenerio

    ?, Irish or English pub? second the bangers and mash or bangers as pigs in a blanket, I'd put curry somewhere on the menu, ploughmans platter, like the Guinness fried pickles, had malt vinegar marinade Guinness battered wings & potato wedges, marinade was a tad reminiscent of a light mojo, very...
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    So I've just got a pig...

    loin=Lomo, shoulders=buckboard bacon and I'd seam on of the one of the shoulders for Faux Noix de Jambon and cure the hands as quasi lomo or ham
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    Instagram and Instagram services

    I concur it's a pay-per-play thing, bots and fake accounts, imo, not worth it. Best way again imo is to use #'s, [email protected]@g top instagram hastags and scan the ones relevant to you and your biz.
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    homemade miso and homemade koji

    check out an interesting feed on IG @_broken_mold
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    Did or did you not go to culinary school? Was it worth it?

    Those that never went to culinary school, Heston Blumenthal, owner and head chef of The Fat Duck in Bray, Berks, UK 3rd Michelin star in four years - the shortest time for such an accolade  Heston is one of only 2 chefs without formal training to receive Michelin Stars the other being: Alvin...
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    Hi I am looking for advice what professional chefs and cooks tools?

    Variable speed small immersion blender, use them on a daily basis for sauces and small recipe tests, small batch force meat for seafood quenelles etc. A good set of scales with both metric and US scales, we make a lot of charcuterie and make our own spice blends so we need precise and in some...
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    I'm making a bean-based "chili", any suggestions or tips?

    Coffee, preferably fresh, but it's why we keep instant on hand. Beer too, everything from Porter's to chili beers. Also use several different kinds of chilies almost always Chipolte & Adobe for beef based, depends on what you're going for. Re laurenlulu & the beef base, completely agree. We've...
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    Perks of the Executive Chef

    Well then, think you answered your own question "EXECUTIVE CHEF" "CHEF SAMMIE", then just inform the owner of the error of their ways. Welcome to CT, btw. Cheers! EDG
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    Perks of the Executive Chef

    Well a "bar tab" is a running account of what you've ordered that you pay @ the end of the  night or for some business customers weekly, not sure IF CHEF SAMMIE is referring to a shift drink, Chef?
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