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    New site looks great!

    I did a double take.... site looks completely different. Thought I had clicked on the wrong bookmark or something :emoji_laughing: Much cleaner and trendy. Nice job!
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    A quick hello

    Welcome to CT! I hope you find the resources here useful, I certainly have.
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    Balsamic pearls

    I've stored Agar pearls a week in advance, covered and refrigerated, no problem. I can imagine the ones that get dropped in a calcium bath would be more of a hassle, and have a shorter shelf life. The ratio i use is about 3 grams agar per 1 cup of liquid. I've had better results adding a bit...
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    Tricks to poaching eggs

    We used to leave one of these on our saute station, if that's what you mean. Pretty handy, but the eggs look perfectly round. Makes eggs Benedict easy, but might look weird in a ramen bowl :|...
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    We need to be better

    A few years ago, I would have thought you were being a little dramatic. But in 2015, I worked for a chain that pushed their managers so hard (one in particular) that when they forced him to take a vacation, he had a heart attack, on a beach. HEART ATTACK. ON. A. BEACH. He was wracked...
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    Place for Programmers?

    This is about where the popularity stands. Best of luck whatever you decide!
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    Place for Programmers?

    Me and a few buddies fresh out of college thought about starting up a similar concept. Mostly for E sports, (back when LoL was becoming popular). There's definitely still a market for that kind of thing, and while our concept was more oriented towards hosting matches, as opposed to spectating...
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    help with cv

    If I'm understanding the question correctly, it sounds like they're looking for examples of communicating with a team. If you've ever had to run pre-shift meetings, that would be fantastic as an example. I would write something like "Ran brief pre-shift meetings for (X amount of employees) for...
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    Hey Rick, I'm in the market for a new chef knife, and I was almost sold on this one until I saw...

    Hey Rick, I'm in the market for a new chef knife, and I was almost sold on this one until I saw you mention on a thread that you disliked Dalstrong knives. I was just curious as to why...
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    Hello from Boise, Idaho!

    Hello David, and welcome to CT! As someone who regularly requests key lime pie instead of birthday cake every year, I can safely say there will be others here who share your passion. Baking and pastry has always been my "Achilles Heel", but there are plenty of fine chefs who will probably be...
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    “Held hostage” by staff

    Maybe I've just gotten lucky, but I've found the millennial argument is BS anyway. Many (but of course, not all) of my Millennials outperform my older and generation X staff :P Of course I have some older employees that bring more to the table in terms of experience and work ethic, and some...
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    Simple tasty meals for the campfire?

    We used to do something called "hobo packs". It was a bunch of stuff, made ahead of time (If you take a cooler camping, not sure what kind of camping you're doing), and tossed onto coals to cook. Here's something similar
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    What's your Go to Knife ?

    It's certainly a beautiful looking knife. Do you know what kind of steel it is? I only ask because it's time to replace my home set of knives.
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    KANAFEH .....

    Huh, I learned something new today. Thanks for sharing!
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    Chef Of 25 years + needing help with new owners demands and treatments..what. To do . how to handle

    If I understand you correctly, they want you to recreate 7 to 10 menu items from SEVERAL restaurants, all in the next few hours. That sounds absurd... @halb is right, even if you were to somehow pull that off, or hell, even if you order take out from those places and say you did it, there's no...
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