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    Bourdain Unleashes on Fellow Food Network Stars

    Uh oh! You know, it's about time someone spoke up and said things the way they really are! I'm glad Anthony came up to the plate and spoke the truth! Had someone done this with Mtv 25 years ago they'd still be playing music videos today! Here's the LINK. Eric
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    opening a restaurant

    I could go on and on with wonderful advice, but I'll limit it to just a few key points: 1. Be ready to take on a new marriage. 2. Be ready for long hours, low pay, and hard work. 3. Be ready to compete. 4. Be ready to be a babysitter (being a boss). 5. Be ready for the unexpected. I...
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    Foi Gras in Chicago..Trans Fats in NYC...whats next?

    This is just the beginning of it all. Before long, the size of hamburger you eat at any restaurant will be the official size of the United States Government. Get used to it. It's sad that it's all come to this. But this is how bad things have gotten for bored legislatures who know nothing...
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    Drinking in Texas Bars

    I think this is an informal "pre-emptive" strike on people who spend money in restaurants! I think this is bad policy for restaurants. I think this is bad for the restaurants business. People will be "scared" to go out if this continues. Which means less customers! This needs to be thought...
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    Drinking in Texas Bars

    The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commision has randomly begun raiding bars in the Dallas area, and arresting bar patrons, servers, bartenders, bar owners, and bar managers for overserving their customers. Here's the story: Public intoxication...
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    From one desk job to a kitchen

    All I can say is, get ready to stand on your feet for long hours! Your feet are going to hurt. Your knees are going to hurt. And your hip is going to hurt. Don't worry, you'll get used to it in time....... Eric
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    Table turnover question

    I'm working with a restaurant that has the same problem. Their solution: Make the deck people order expensive entree's instead of regular menu items. The reason why is that it will deter people from just wanting to sit out there and drink, AND it will turn those seats into dollars! This is...
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    Dirty Waitstaff Uniforms

    Ok.... this is a little pet-peeve I have with waitstaff uniforms. Being a restaurant pro that I am, I have to be real honest about our waitstaff's uniforms. Don't customers notice when a waiter or waitress comes to work in a uniform that is either dirty, smelly or wrinkled? I know this...
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    Destination Restaurants

    What Makes a Destination Restaurant? By Eric Hahn What does it take to drive people to your door from somewhere else? Is it the food, ambience, price, service? Well sure it is, but what if people in the town next to yours do not know this? Marketing to your customers in neighboring communities...
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    Destination Restaurants

    What makes a destination restaurant? Ok, let's eliminate the big three reasons: Service Ambience Food What besides these three components makes a restaurant a "destination location?" Eric
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    Intelligent Opinions and Maybe Some Money

    Still working on the title and the book for that matter. There's been a ton of great ideas thrown our way, so stay tuned.... The book has some really great twists and turns that identify the subject, "Why Restaurants Fail in America." Eric
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    Need help with French Onion Soup?

    You don't need any garlic in French Onion soup! It's an onion soup, not a garlic soup! French Onion soup never had garlic originally, so why does it now? Deglaze the onions with Applejack Brandy, and you'll have a winner of soup! If you can't get Applejack Brandy, then just throw in some apple...
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    We're With You Cheffy!

    Our good friend here at ChefTalk, Chef Mike (Cheffy) lost his father the other day. He's going through the grieving process right now, and thought I'd share this with everyone. He could use some lifting right now...... Keep your head up, Bud! You know how to find me..... Eric...
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    What's on Your Feet?

    For me it's Birkenstock's, 'Tokyo's' with the non-slip bottom. Not cheap, still about $150 a pair. I read up above on this thread somewhere that the "concrete floor is killing the feet, knees and lower back." AMEN! I agree entirely! That's what fatigue mats are there for! If you don't have...
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    America Runs to the Border

    Thought I'd pass this along to all my good friends here. Afterall, it's not everyday that you make the FRONT PAGE of a major national newspaper! Story: "America Runs to the Border" Enjoy! Eric...
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