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    Bread Rising

    I like to use clean sheet tray bags to cover up any loaf pans, or half sheet trays of rolls if I am baking at home, Clean trash bags work well too! I am also at higher altitude with much drier air, so the microwave may be perfectly in a more humid environment, but too dry for that here.
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    Sourdough feeding question

    If I am reading correctly it sounds like the book is instructing you to keep building on a starter for your final dough by just adding a little water and flour to get up to the amount of preferment needed. What matter most in my experience is consistency. If you stick to a schedule for your...
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    Can I add more yeast if bread doesn’t rise?

    10 cups comes to about 1200 grams of flour which should only need about 18 grams of yeast to leaven. Yeast usually comes about 7 grams per packet. The only explanation that comes to mind is the recipe being a no knead bread which uses very little yeast, but a long fermentation period to develop...
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    My first bread

    Degassing your dough has affects the crumb of your final product. For example to commercially made breads in grocery stores for sandwich loaves get beat to hell and produce a fine crumbed loaf, the fats and sugars also contribute to a tight crumb for that kind of bread. Something like a lean...
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    Freezing sourdough mother?

    So, from what i have experienced, freezing a starter is only good for a few months. we used to do this at a hotel i worked at as a precaution in case one of the many interns/students trashed all the starter while they worked the mixing station that week/day/month. When it finally did happen (...
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    How to get that crust on croissants

    That all comes down to the lamination. That just Happens to be the top layer of dough with a layer of butter underneath. It gets exposed to the heat first, and those layers puff, and that layer browns and crisps a bit.
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    BreadBot robotic bread machine

    96 minutes mix to bake?....Interesting idea. I have so many more questions.
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    Good book on bread for beginners?

    Flour Water Salt Yeast- Ken Forkish. That one takes you into wild yeast sourdoughs, but will start off with Lean dough using commercial yeast. The book gives a good walk thru of baking bread and brief explanation of ingredients and the role they play. and this one would be my second suggestion.
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    Help, I have a problem in baking a cake with the use of steamer

    I have begun testing Egg sponge cake in a combi oven recently for a new restaurant dessert menu. It comes out a bit denser than any baked cake would. If you could post the recipe we would be able to help you much easier than just guessing at the problem.
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    Baking labor

    I work for a restaurant group, and bake all of their breads in house. Three different table breads (not always the same three), sourdough loaves, lavosh crackers, burger buns, baguettes ,and any specialty breads we may need for catering events. Depending on the style of roll or bread you wish...
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    Trial shift next Friday...

    First impressions are everything. If you are serious about working in a kitchen get a comfortable pair of Black Non-slip shoes, Black Kitchen pants, and some sort of kitchen shirt, or basic chef coat. Have a Pen, black sharpie, and thermometer ( they all go in the sleeve pocket of the chef...
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    Organizing Fridges

    Having three separate coolers I would right away designate one for your proteins and reduce cross contamination as much as possible from the start. Second as a vegetable/produce cooler, and third for ready made mise/sauces/processed veg.
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    About the Bakers percentage

    bakers percentage is a very useful tool, especially when testing a new recipe or stretching out ingredients. Scaling down large recipes into a small test batch, or using up an ingredient that you don't quite have enough for a full batch. Very easy to scale down the rest of the formula. To...
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    The Bread Basket

    The restaurant group I work for has bread service in one of the more upscale restaurants. I make all the bread currently for our restaurants and catering. Usually three to four different table breads/rolls, and then all the burger buns, sandwich breads, baguettes, etc. We bring a board with one...
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    Cream Puff - What Am I dong wrong?

    Well, lets start with the recipe you are using, and go from there. If you would post the recipe that would be very helpful.
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