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    Upgrading from Global G-16, advice wanted

    As I am not sure where you are I am going to suggest some that are available online to the US. 1) Are you sure you want a $200 knife at work? If not how about these:       a) Richmond Artifex 240mm AEB-L Stainess 60-61 HRC $89       b) Fujiwara FKM Stainless 240mm $83 2) If you are set with...
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    Looking for a "Beginner" sushi knife for "home use."

    I agree with MK that your friend probably doesn't "need" a slicer to get better rolls. 1) First, how is the roll falling apart?  Does the rice fall out after the cut? Does it retain it's rounded shape, but wrapping is broken? The answers to these questions would determine if its a rice...
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    Since August 27, 2012 the USDA has allowed for import of real Japanese Kobe Beef. A few years ago they had banned the import of any and all Japanese beef. However it is still imported in a miniscule amount with a price tag that is sky high. I'm not sure where GTA is but you can always call and...
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    Thinking about Shun knives but curious about other possibilities

    Just to make matters a little worse... I'm going to have to add another option that is pretty darn good in the 240mm Stainless Steel under $300 selection... Saikai Yusuke you can buy from ebay through bluewayjapan I personally have a Konosuke HH and I love as well as the Sakai Yusuke. The Sakai...
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    Japanese Knife wanted for thin slicing

    Don't we all?
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    Starting with a Konosuke HD 270 what next?

    I think with any of the three (Konosuke, Sakai Yusuke, and Gesshin Ginga) you wont regret your purchase. It's kind of hard to pick the best of the three as they are all great gyutos. If you want stainless Sakai Yusuke, make sure to get the Extra Hardened, to match what the Konosuke HH, and...
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    changeing from german to Japanise knives suggestion please

    Wow.. Um... What I mean by muting is that if you take a fork and bang it on the table it rings.. a non cladded knife is like this (but of course we don't want to bang it against anything) while a cladded knife would feel as if you have some duct tape on it or a piece of rubber... Perception is...
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    Masamoto HC

    I feel your pain... yet congratulations..
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    Sharpening and a couple other Quetions

    I'm glad BDL is here to correct misinformation.. live and learn...
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    Sharpening and a couple other Quetions

    I'll let the real experts chime in upon the sharpening but from the research I've done on Steels... Masamoto VG series uses VG-10 steels which used to be really good but since AEB-L and other stainless steels have come out, they aren't the best anymore. However Masamoto VG series are still...
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    Starting with a Konosuke HD 270 what next?

    I would say a Petty or Paring knife... as I tend to use that a lot.. even more so than my chefs.. Then I would say a suji/slicer of some sort but since you are getting a 270mm I'm not sure you would want/need? to buy a suji. A bread knife perhaps or maybe a cleaver?  With new knives in mind...
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    Looking into a single high end chef knife

    I don't think we hate Shuns but I think we have found better for the same money. What I like about Shuns are its Fit & finish, customer service, looks good,and decently sharp OOTB. However, the classics use VG-10 and for that price we can get better materials or get VG-10 for lower cost...
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    changeing from german to Japanise knives suggestion please

    Uriah, First I would like to apologize if I seem to have said anything that has offended you, it is not my intention. I highly doubt that BDL has that intention as well. No body is saying that you are ignorant, but its hard to answer your questions directly as we don't know what exactly the...
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    changeing from german to Japanise knives suggestion please

    I noticed that too, it seems that Uriah has a wide range of interests. It would be better to narrow down specifics.  I'm having Keiichi order me a 240mm Ultra thin Stainless hardened to RCH61. It's going to take a while (3 months)...  BDL, would you be interested in trying it out when it gets here?
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    changeing from german to Japanise knives suggestion please

    I see your points BDL and I was very hesitant to say anything either, not knowing what exactly the questions are. 
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