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  6. Doughnut Shop

    Doughnut Shop

  7. donutflipper

    Cake Rise Issue

    Hi folks.   Just my two cents.  If your getting that baking soda anywhere near your boiling water, It's gonna gas out.  You didn't mention how you put it together but if you put the baking soda in once it cools a little, it may help.
  8. donutflipper

    Hi Everyone from Mesa AZ

    Old School Donut Maker here.  Even though my trade has pretty much been run out by a commercial conglomeration consolidating everyone, I like handcrafting and stick to the ma and pop shops.  I had to pick "professional baker" to register but I pretty much stick to doughnuts, not much baking to...
  9. donutflipper

    Yeast Risen Donuts - Problems with rising

    Hi St Croix.  I make donuts for a living, maybe I can help. 1st,  You mention that you've made almost 200 dozen to date, I assume your in a residential kitchen.  Teaching yourself and having half that are usable is an accomplishment in itself. 2nd.  When I make a mix of dough,  (It comes in 50...
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