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    Cracking Cake :(

    I actually heard of that solution. I cleaned out the oven after Christmas. I was surprised at the difference in temperature.  I have made a few more cakes to test the theory. It seems to work. I'll make some more and give you my finally comments.
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    And The Winners Are.......

    Congratulations Winners
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    Applesauce cake!

    I am looking forward to making this this weekend.
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    Cracking Cake :(

    Ok here is the recipe 1/2 c butter 2 eggs 1 c sour cream 1 tsp baking soda 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp cinnamon 3/4 c sugar 1 tsp vanilla 1/4 tsp salt 1 1/2 c flour Bake 60 min 350
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    Cracking Cake :(

    I have adjusted the temp from 350 to 325 since it was running a little hot.  I don't think I am over mixing. Is 90 secs too long?
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    Cracking Cake :(

    I have a coffee cake recipe that I have been making for about 4 years.  Recently when I am making it the cake is breaking into thre pieces.  While it is baking , I see it cracking on the top.  So I have purchased new baking powder and soda, fresh butter and cake flour. My eggs are room temp...
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    Mold Inhibitor

    Lol.. I'll clarify. I sell coffee cakes and a "friend" said that I should use a mold inhibitor so the cakes will stay freash longer.  Personally, I would just rather bake new ones. The information said it was good for candy and pastries, however, I do not think they meant for cakes.
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    Mold Inhibitor

    Does anyone know if mold inhibitors are good for cakes?  If it is does it change the taste of the cake? Dori
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    Say what??

    Gypsy, Even though I agree with you about supplementing education at home, I think we need to hold our teachers to a higher standard. My son attends public school due to his need for speech therapy.  I find it very frustrating that I have to correct his teacher's instructions for his homework...
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    Renting Kitchens Poll

    Hi everyone, I was speaking with my business partner today and we came up with the idea of creating a kitchen specifically designed for renting.  We toyed with the idea for about an hour and decided we needed to know if there is a market for this. So,  I am taking an informal poll to see if ...
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    Homemade Brown Sugar

    Thank you all for your responses. Dori
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    Homemade Brown Sugar

    I would like to make my own brown sugar, however, I wanted to know if anyone had thoughts as to whether homemade is better than store bought. Also, if I make my own brown sugar will it change the flavor of my cakes and pastries? Dori
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    Pastry flour & Cake flour

    He makes fantastic gumbo but there is only four of us and he makes enough for fifty.
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    California state legislators to enact a Cottage Foods bill

    That would be nice if it goes through. I wonder how much money the state will make with health inspections.
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