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    12 inch knife recommendations?

    my favorite about 100$ only and its good for everything
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    Can anyone recognize this herb?

    probably lovage, its used mostly in sauces, its a little sweet and spicy
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    How to deal with paper work when you have to cook too?

    Well these days we have less work then at the summer, we have 7 cooks + me + chef ( 9 people total ). Now since we don't have much work we cannot hire now new cooks for full time job since there are some days we barely have any work, splitting available work hours will be a pain in the butt...
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    How to deal with paper work when you have to cook too?

    We've got a problem with the budget so we don't have enough employees to do the job without mine and the chef's help. Now what happens is me and chef cook and do like 60% of kitchen job by ourselves because we dont have enough cooks. How do i deal with the stress to make sure i leave nothing to...
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    Need advice on mastering the convection steam oven

    Hey, frozen vegetables usually are counted as ready vegetables , they usually take from 7 to 15 minutes in steam oven. You can add salt pepper garlic etc. I personally prefer to put them in steam oven for 5 minutes just to defrost, then roast them on the pan with hot oil with some onions garlic...
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    Kebab/Shoarma Dressing

    It usually goes with Tahini (טחינה) and coriander.
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    Hello Everyone:)

    Hello Chefs & Cooks! :) I've been cooking for myself, family & friends whole my life, i always liked restaurant recipes ect. I began cooking when i was 5-6 years old but when i got older i never counted cooking as a business or a job, i went to High tech business. Time passed by and somehow i...
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