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    Kiwi Knives?

    Just wondering if any of you have any experience with Kiwi Brand Cutlery.  I just discovered Kiwi at a local Asian market and I am totally blown away and  impressed. They have got to be the most amazing knife I have ever put in my hand- for the price. Though there is a number of style knives...
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    What do you wear in the kitchen?

    In the past I have mostly worked in open kitchens (pizzerias) and have usually worn whatever T-shirt has been provided to me, sneakers, whatever kind of pants or shorts (these are covered from view by a folded apron) and a baseball cap. At my current job, I typically wear cargo pants or...
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    Newbie knife question

    Perhaps it has lazy geometry, but it can tear through a pile of onions like nobody's biz. It's all in the hands of the...well, of the holder. hah. I'm not trying to vouch for Ken Onion, I could care less about him or his knife. But I own the Onion 8" chefs and it's my main workhorse right...
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    Newbie knife question

    I just got a Shun and I am very happy with it. I think you should check out MAC...a lot of people like global...but I'm not really into the metal handles. Its a personal preference thing. But definitely check out MAC. Great knives and very affordable.
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    Newbie knife question

    There are just so many factors that determine what the best knife for you is. You should, if it's an option, go to a cutlery store and handle some knives. It HAS to feel right for you. But, a lot of people seem to be going Japanese these days. I'm looking into getting some new blades as...
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    Found the Jungle today... very not good

    Sounds like you have all of your bases covered. Everything you suggested/mentioned is a good and practical idea and solution to getting weeded and worked over. The only other thing I can suggest is that your "A" crew should be really, really tight. You should have a team for busy services...
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    Anyone here a Pizza Maker (or have been)?

    Working on specials is a great way to get your juices flowing and keep the drag of everyday 'work/crap' in the kitchen at bay. Keeps me on my toes. Some specials have been successes and some have been utter failures (all in terms of sales...I thought they all tasted amazing, haha) but that's...
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    Power Bar Recipe

    Try not baking at all. Perhaps take the rice krispy treat method. Instead of baking just get the things hot and mix it all up, put it in a pan and cool it either at room temp or quickly in the cooler. I have never really made a protein bar before so I couldn't say for sure if this would work...
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    Quick Question...

    man, that's pretty raw.
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    ceramic tile/pizza stone advice?

    Unglazed quarry tiles at lowes or the home depot are way cheap, and definitely do the trick. I make pizza for a living and have used both actual pizza stones made for that specific purpose, and the unglazed quarry tile...the tile is the way to go if you can find it/do a little research and...
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    Difficult diner

    Jesus Christ. 3 times. I feel for you. I tell you what I hate the worst's not orders with a millions modifiers that are almost impossible to accommodate, its those people who order a dish just exactly the way it comes off/is described on the menu and then complain that they don't...
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    Trial run at great restaurant, need to impress, terrified

    Can't really offer any sound advice about your question, I have never found myself in the position...can't really think of anything to tell you, so I'll just leave that alone. I do, however, wish to congratulate you on landing your first kitchen job. Congrats'! Welcome to the team. -Dave
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    Asking for a raise...

    All good advice. Maybe I should wait it out a bit. Thanks everyone.
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