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    Racheal Ray, in her shows she uses the acrynom EVOO for olive oil. I didn't know what it was for awhile till I caught on.
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    Soup Recipes Needed

    Gracias DG!!! I really appreciate it :chef:
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    Soup Recipes Needed

    Thanks! I've got all day :beer:
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    Knife Porn

    Those are nice!!!
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    Soup Recipes Needed

    Okay, being that I open the restaurant, during the week, I was wondering if anyone had any soup recipes. Now these recipes cannot be to "time consuming" being that I usually open for dinner by myself, I have to not only make soup, but prep my veggies, cut steaks, and get everything else ready...
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    I'm new to the community

    Thanks! I'm really going to enjoy it here.....I've been lurking through the forums and...well......Where you been all my life?:smiles:
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    Just wanted to share

    That was nice!
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    I'm new to the community

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this community, but not to cooking. Let me introduce myself. My name is Noel, and I have chosen the name "DesertCook". Why? you may ask. I live in the low desert area of Southern California, 120 miles east or west of any civilization, and just 7 miles from the...
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