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    Best Griddle/Flat Top for high volume.

    Sound like you'd definitely need a thermostat controlled griddle. Manual will go cold on you sometimes. Wish we had one at my place. Not sure about brands though, I'm sure all the higher end ones would do you fine.
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    A some what aggravating new hire

    This dude needs to be fired IMO. You don't have time for that shit. He doesn't sound like a team player at all. I have fired people for their poor attitudes in the kitchen and not getting along with others despite them being really great line cooks. Happy kitchens put out the best food. I'll...
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    Best comrades for your feet

    Really happy with Keen Utility PTC - had mine for 9 months
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    Ecolab techs

    I like it! hahaaa
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    Ecolab techs

    So my Ecolab tech says she works off straight commission from chemical sales. She's on call 24/7 as a service tech for the area - I cant believe she doesn't get a base salary. Does anyone know? Reason I ask is because she get's pissed when I buy the way cheaper chemicals from their sister...
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    Best electric smoker under $2,000

    Oh and it's basically a clone of the way more expensive Cookshack brand.
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    Best electric smoker under $2,000

    We've had the smokinit brand smoker for about a year now, had a heating element go out once. We use it every day and it's been great. Very inexpensive.
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    No BS advice on becoming a professional cook

    Scotchdew, cooking is a profoundly satisfying profession.  I'd suggest before jumping ship from your day day job, maybe try and get some evening part time cooking work? That way you'll really get to see if you like it or not.  I started at age 43 as a working partner/chef and very much still...
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    TurboChef Fire

    Hey all, I received a PM about the turbo chef, here's what I had to say. BTW We had the same temp drop experience too. Only during a couple of services. Hope this helps: We that all depends on how busy you will be. You probably already know all this stuff already but here it goes..... The...
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    TurboChef Fire

    Oh and to add, we are fully expecting to have to burn a bunch of pizza to dial in the time/temps for our pizza recipe.  As far as we can tell this thing is really gonna be great for us. Well made piece of equipment. 
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    TurboChef Fire

    I just bought one, we havent tried it out with a real pizza, but seems to melt cheese on a piece of bread REALLY fast.  It can do up to 14" pizzas actually. 
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    50lb vs 75lb fryers

    Hey gang, looking for some advice. I'm trying to decide on purchasing either 3 50lb fryers or just 2 75lb fryers for a new kitchen build.  We are planning on doing fresh cut fries (twice cook method), wings, onion rings, and a few other things. Nothing will be frozen.  We have about 300 seats...
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    Sous vide in restaurant kitchens

    CapeCodChef, you may want to look into Cvap machines and the advanced staging techniques as well. I havent installed it yet, but I just bought a used warming cabinet to pre-stage burgers for a high volume operation.  
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    Best read on food costing

    look for "Restaurant Success by the Numbers" on Amazon - pretty good read
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    Best read on food costing

    I just started this one. Pretty good so far:  
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