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    On the rôtisserie

    Hello, I'm originally from the mid East and love making shawarma on my rotisserie. However, recently I've been wanting to make something else on it. I don't want to do the whole bird thing. Do you guys have any ideas or recipes of meats I can stack like a shawarma, but with a different type...
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    Opening a SmokeHouse

    Hey guys, So I've been smoking meat, and bbqing ever since I can remember and it's always been my passion. I've been starting to look into what it would require to open a smokehouse restaurant. I've already got a vague idea for a menu (brisket, ribs, chicken, sous vide steaks, burgers...
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    June 2015 Challenge. TOMATOES

    where do you live, and when can I come over???
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    May 2015 Challenge - FOWL

    Of course! I'm so stupid... Looks great BTW.
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    May 2015 Challenge - FOWL

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is the purpose of hanging it?
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    May 2015 Challenge - FOWL

    So I started off by marinating chicken breasts in a homemade beef gravy, with some red peppers and onions to add flavor for about 6 hours. I then put them on skewers and very slowly cooked them on low charcoal heat. I then pulled them off the skewers, pulled them apart in the remaining...
  7. May 2015 Challenge - FOWL

    May 2015 Challenge - FOWL

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    Need to cook pineapple chicken for 14 people.

    It all worked out great. I dipped and fried in batches. It stayed crispy and moist a few days later. Thanks.
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    Need to cook pineapple chicken for 14 people.

    Hey guys. I need to fry up some pineapple chicken (18 chicken breasts) Now, I tend to use a deep fryer (3L), and dip the chicken breast pieces in a slurry made from cornstarch, eggs, and soy sauce. What would be the most efficient way to make this, in your opinion? Should I cut all the...
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    Freeze dried herbs?

    I have a little garden with basil, cilantro, coriander, oregano, and parsley. A few week before winter starts, I chop up these herbs individually, and put one tablespoon inside an icecube tray filled with water. Anytime I need a tablespoon of any herb, I pop out a cube, and there you go! 
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    January 2016 Challenge, Slow Cooking

    Wow amazing what's been made on this thread.
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    Preparing for a storm

    Living in Canada, I've seen my fair share of storms and stay-ins... Get canned foods, pastas, and meats which could easily be frozen. Also, I would suggest getting a camping stove with a propane cylinder. They're normally pretty cheap and can get you out of a jam. If your electricity is out...
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    January 2016 Challenge, Slow Cooking

    @kaneohegirlinaz BTW, which ingredient did you have to Google? Kishka?
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