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    Stinky wrist watch ...Anyone know why they start to smell funky and/or have any suggestions?

    really? this is the kind of post that separates the real chefs from the chefs-in-name/not/otherwise professional/"professional"/like Subway "professional"? gonna hold this one against you guys/(folks) around 5 years later, when i get over being pissed off about ed always pissing me off... yes...
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    Hardest Thing about Culinary School

    wash the f'in dishes, pick a broom ffs, do something manly - I'm a man and I'm embarassed by how many 18-25 men are happy to sit in grimy, dirty kitchen with their hand on the mop thinking to themselves... it's okay that i sit here doing nothing... No Wonder the military is such a revalation to...
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    Why no culinary school romances?

    i know that all the folks i wanted to procreate with were either otherwise rellenos or rollade... maybe in another life...
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    Happy St. Venison's Day

    No wonder the King saved it fer hisselveragesses... (look up Selferidges) My three years in the Colorado Rockies (Leadville ftw, 10,200 ft for the highest town in North America) led me to believe there was a reason all that venison/etc they saved was for the win...
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    Top Chef Desserts

    the whole concept is flawed - no formulas, no ability to practice what they're doing? or at least enough time to test... it shows in the results mostly and it's sadly going to be a disaster. i was looking forward to it too but so far have been really let down at the series in general and will be...
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    Yes CHEF! Estoy tratando de cocinar con sabor!
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    bottom line... Chef? bottom line... cook. what is the bottom line? Time... Yield... Percentage... yes Chef? No time for tears... (sorry and hugs and all)... but, are you with us? Buck up cook. Buck up friend, get it done.
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    i don't understand the confusion...  learn how to fabricate a chicken... mystery solved... yeah practical's suck, especially when you don't know what product you have, or what is really expected of you. you know how to fabricate a chicken because Chef told you how to, and showed you how to, and...
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    School opinion please??

    you need to go to each campus and look around - don't believe what the contact at the school is telling you (they are on commision and earn money based on your decision to sign up at their school - ask the questions you really want to ask and get the answers you really want, not what your...
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    okay girls, lets rumble!

    i'm not professional yet, no wait.. prolly not ever, at this rate, but i just gotta say this ladies.. when you have your face on there's no one i want to work with more, i DO NOT understand that anti-gurl thing in the kitchen because quite frankly the men are too frequently scared and weak and...
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    Where does the non-professional stuff go?

    Just curious... (and Ed Buchanan has no say on this one! I'm fingers-crossed)
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    Schools in France

    i lived in London from 1990-1996. there wasn't much of a culinary scene there (then, where now it's out of control) but of course it beat the crap out of any American sense of apprenticeship (because the American sense of apprenticeship was to go to France/Europe). anything outside of America...
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    And now... Tip #1...

    Please interject Chef =) You nailed it, we can't absorb anything if we're too busy talking/doing/etc. It's literally/physically impossible. We might think we're able to "multi-task" that one but it's just simply impossible. 5 quarters into my scholastic endeavor, this post is becoming fun for...
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