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    Cast-Iron - rough spot

    Hi all, I know there are various threads related to seasoning cast-iron, but I don't see any regarding what to do about a rough spot. I had been cooking some meats and other foods which left behind grissle and it was causing my other foods to pick this up. I wasn't quite getting off all the...
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    Plastic Crepe Food Samples

    I am looking for a site/company where I can purchase plastic versions of the Japanese crepes, such as those results you see if you google for "Japanese Crepe" and click on the Images results. (sorry, I can't yet post links in this forum). I think this is a great way for my customers, who may...
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    New cast iron gas fired crepe griddle nightmare

    This is normal. After a month or so of regular use, you may notice seasoning coming off. You will need to use an abrasive stone (google will show you what this is) and scrub away at least the top coating of the seasoning. Follow this by re-seasoning the griddle 5-10 times and you will be all...
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