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  1. Challenge August 2013 - Tomatoes

    Challenge August 2013 - Tomatoes

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    Challenge August 2013 - Tomatoes

    This is a great thread.  I look at tomatoes differently now.  What a bunch of awesomeness. Here are peeled and hulled tomatoes, stuffed with acorn squash souflee.  
  3. Tomoato squash souffle.JPG

    Tomoato squash souffle.JPG

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    Complaining to the fishmonger

    Have you ever had the chance to get scallops that are still alive in their shell?  The muscle is firm and small, about the size of a quarter.  A scallop shell never gets larger than your hand.  The muscle is a small part of it that opens and closes the shell.  My understanding is that during the...
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    Tater tot nightmare!!!!

    Get more ring molds, as many as will fit on a sheet pan.  If the recipe you use makes the potatoes soft enough that they can be piped then put them in a large piping bag to fill the molds quickly. I know tots are meant to be cylinders, but maybe you could use a small ice cream scoop and put...
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    Looking for quality heavy bottomed stainless pots and pans.

    Hello everyone, I am going to order some pots and pans for my kitchen.  I am tired of cooking on warped aluminum.  I am looking for good stainless steel pots which have the heavy bottomed aluminum/copper sandwiched in stainless steel, but not all clad.  20" rondeau, 12" fait-tout, and some...
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    Provisions in Bermuda

    I'm not 100% sure that's it.  From memory the sugar I am looking for was a bit lighter.  But I can't find any references to it anywhere.  Maybe it is Muscavado.   Thanks.
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    Provisions in Bermuda

    Hello yacht chefs, What is the name of the brown sugar similar to turnado that you can only get in Bermuda?  What else would you get if you were there as far as fresh fish or novelty Bermudian produce?
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    what kind of knife do you have?

    Does any one else like Kiwi knifes?  They make a vegetable cleaver which cost between six and eight dollars and is indispensable in my knife kit.  I have not found a vegetable cleaver that I like more than this one.  Granted they have a rat-tail tang, really cheap handles, and no bolster so you...
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    Whale meat.

    I treated it just like a steak:  Cut into ~ 6 oz portions. Marinade in milk over night.  Season s+p and leave it like that for about 10 minutes.  Pat dry and sear on flat top.  Repose, finish cooking and serve. I've eaten whale 3 times, the only time it was (barely) palatable was when it was...
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    Whale meat.

    Yup.  Save the whales, then kick back and let everything else get poisoned and destroyed.  And if you bring up similar demerits within other food industries you can be sued to death via the    What type of fish are sustainable and toxin free?  I feel...
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    Chicago quality dining advice please

    Thanks for the tips guys.  I am going to check some of these places out! CDF
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    What's the difference between a candy coat and tempered chocolate?

    Every food has its time and place.  Knowing what your clientele will expect when and where is the final stage of development for a chef.  Are we to pretend that we eat only the very best most wholesome and perfectly prepared products all the time and accept nothing shy of outstanding?  Only ever...
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    what kind of knife do you have?

    I don't have these knives.  But I love the concept.  Especially practical for a traveling chef.
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