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    Need advice (restaurant politics)

    Hi all reading I just started working in a restaurant with a private-ish clientell . My delema is this. Old head chef took every one and left. New kitchen lead and general manager are both running the kitchen at the moment, and tempers are tense. Feels like i walked into the middle of a war of...
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    Advice for a new line supervisor

    Hi all! I have been working in kitchens for bout 10 years now. I have worked from lil mom and pop restaurant, to high volume "bar &grill" franchise restaurant ,where I am currently. I am looking for a lil advice , im trying to come up with ideas for menu items ,kitchen advice regarding how you...
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    First job in the culinary field, any advice?

    Keep your self emotionally detached. Tempers will rise and people will get hot headed , but after it's all over and you leave, tomorrow is another day and most cooks just leave it at the door. Ask questions, if you seam eager to learn it will give the seasoned cooks a good impresion of you. Only...
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    Hi all restaurant people. Hi , I am a line cook of 8+ years in the field. I started doing dishes and worked my way up.  I have been reading the forums for a couple of days now and love that I am not the only one with the "cook's" point of view. I am looking forward to all of the advice.
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    Bad eating habits of a line cook

    I have been a line cook for 8 years and have struggled with my eating habits. Working in a kitchen for 9+ hours 6 Days a week the last thing on my mind is going home and cooking myself dinner. I normally settle for fast food or something that requires a microwave ,the cooks/line cooks I know all...
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