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    Are these sugar flowers? Gorgeous
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    Doing some sugar flowers

    Those are just beautiful!  Well done.
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    This is so cool! Love seeing your work.
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    Beautiful. Can you please give a full description of your dish?
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    This is beautiful. Can you describe the elements of your dish?
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    Hello for Houston TX

    What a cool picture. Thanks for sharing. Welcome to Cheftalk! You will find a lot of members range from those also in culinary school, to those who are in the thick of a career as a chef, to those who are retired or maybe just food lovers. You'll find a lot of resources here and camaraderie...
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    How should I prepare this leg of lamb?

    How To Roast A Lamb New Greek Classic Cooking   This cookbook could be helpful for the next time you prepare one - Greek style.
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    Really enjoy looking at these beautiful cakes, ice creams and pastry creations! Amazing!
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    Beautiful! Would love to try some!
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    What Is Better, Canned or Dehydrated Mushrooms?

    Someone else may have already mentioned this, but canned mushrooms may have sodium in the water and this will affect the final dish.  With dehydrated mushrooms, there is no sodium factor to worry about. 
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    Would you be so kind as to share the recipe?
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    Looks so yummy. Can you share your recipe?
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    Greetings from Belgium!

    Bienvenue! Welcome to Cheftalk! Belgium is such a lovely country. I really enjoyed Brussels and Brugges. Cheftalk is a great place to discuss cooking questions or post your photos of food. We have many great resources here as well such as cookbook and cooking equipment reviews. We hope you'll...
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