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    What makes fudge, sugar?

    Well, the simple answer to your first question is "ingredients & technique." Once dissolved & boiled, sugar wants to return to it’s crystalline structure; you want to coerce it to not. Starting with ingredients, your recipe will usually have something to push between the sugar molecules to...
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    Baking blind crusts

    I go beanless. I have some metal pie tins which stack one inside the other, plus disposable aluminum tins to sell whole pies, which also stack. I lay the crust in one as usual, place a duplicate tin on top, and turn them upside down to bake. Gravity is my friend - the crust doesn't slide down...
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    Who likes cilantro?

    I can take it or leave it – mostly leave it! The first time I had I thought it tasted like soap & went back & rinsed & rinsed the leaves, thinking there was some sort of residue. Still think it tastes like soap, but don’t waste the effort anymore. Maybe making a kid eat cilantro when he...
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    My breakfast's staring back at me!

    I slept in, missed church, so I figured I’d go really decadent & have a bowl of M&M's for breakfast. Some of the green ones have faces on them!! Checked the bag, no contest involved, but what a fun site! Any comments on the new color vote?
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    Nuking Quiche

    Thanks for the suggestions; I'll continue to play - a little bit only. But you're right Chrose, it isn't really worth too much effort. Just looking for a quick fix, I guess. And right now, I do have some time to play. Less & less, thankfully. Thanks for your confidence in my mental...
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    Nuking Quiche

    I'm lousy with microwaves - anybody have any hints on microwaving individual pieces of quiche? When I try to get the widest section heated up, the narrower point gets too hot, but worst of all, the crust is soggy. So far I've tried high power and medium power for longer time. The last...
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    It's over!!!!

    Congratulations! What a terrific kickoff to the new year!
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    A Prayer for Non Chef

    My prayers & best wishes for you, Non-chef! Flash & Isa, you don't suppose hospital food is made that way deliberately - to get people out faster?
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    The right to "RANT"

    LOL, Angrychef! I had answers to 1 & 2, but I got nothing' for # 3!! Maybe if I was as eloquent as Cape Chef...
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    Living on Earth

    It's beautiful, but it made me think about light pollution. I miss seeing tons of stars at night, the aurora borealis, the milky way, meteor showers... Doesn't look like there are too many places in the U.S. to escape.
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    The right to "RANT"

    Gee, Anygrychef, if you DID pull a cake out of your rear, you could tell the sales managers it was chocolate... :eek:
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    US Traditional Dishes

    Oh, I love living in a melting pot! With our mobile society, the regional pockets are leaking into each other. Even though current American food is a mixture of regional, ethnic, and just plain convenience, to me, "traditional American" means food native to here. Maple syrup. Turkey...
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    Hey, I'm teaching a cake decorating class tonight!

    Congratulations, Valarie! What a terrific way to have fun & meet new people. And how encouraging when people bid on your work! Now you'll be in demand all the time!:D
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    You teach me I'll teach you

    Uh, Greg? I'm afraid I have some really bad news...
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    Halloween Candy Death Match III: Butterfinger vs. Clark Bar

    Thanks, Kimmie! I like mint with just about anything :lips: Does the Coffee Crisp taste really coffee-y? Isa, if you're going North, can I come with?
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