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    Best Deep Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe

    Really good in depth recipe, i saw your smoothie recipe a few days ago and tried it, was amazing! Will give this one a go soon!!! Looks fab.
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    I am interested in recipes for smoothies, snacks and dishes with raw food etc

    I just made the smoothie lazar recommended... I now recommend it too! Its delicious!!!!
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    Best mac and cheese recipe

    I MUST read all these recipes in the recipes thread, if there as good as these ones then i must make them!!! I LOVE mac and cheese, such a hearty dish.
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    Hello All.

    Thanks for the reply mimi!!! Good information! That challenge sounds awesome! Hope i might be able to win one day!
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    I know this may not be a response directly to the question, but what does natto actually taste like. I have seen reviews on it and apparently it taste nasty, but is there anything you could do to make it taste good? I would love to try it one day :D
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    When going to restaurants if they have scallops i order them straight away! But wonder how they do them so perfectly, pretty sure my question has been answered! Really great replies here.
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    Hello Chef Talk community

    Hey scrumptious, i am new myself and im more of a food eater but i still like to make some different foods, there is alot of information on this forum as i have had a look myself and im sure you will love it as much as i do so far.
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    Indeed it has alot of information! I am new myself and i enjoy reading about how people make different foods and some recipes! Hope you enjoy the forum as much as i hopefully will :D.
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    Nothing to Say?????

    Although im new myself, I'll do it!
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    Hello All.

    Oops, Apologies for making two threads i must not have realised, i guess my computer is slow. Apologies.
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    Hello All.

    Hello all, I have joined this forum to expand my not little but ok little.. Knowledge of cooking food, you see i LOVE eating it but i just dont know how to make it... And i hope that this forum will change that! Im sure it will :). Thanks all.
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    Hello all.

    Hey all, i have came to this forum to expand my knowledge on different foods as i eat them, but would really like to know how to make them! I hope this forum could provide this great information! Thanks all :)
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