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    About a Squash Purree

    Hi, I have a question regarding the quash purree. I prepared a squash purree about 4 weeks ago, locked it in a container, but when i checked it just now, it the top part looked white while the color orange went down like the bottom of the container is all liquidy.. Is this an expired purree or...
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    How to do proper pricing for a milkshake

    I got a friend that asked me to make him a milhshake in a cup that is like abut 32 oz, I am wondering how can i exactly calculate the price correctly? Anyone know a formula about pricing drinks? I know theres Bakers percentage to calculate exact measurments and pricing for the ingredients for...
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    How to read a thermometer

    for the bigger display, what type of thermometer would you recommend me to use?
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    How to read a thermometer

    Can anyone tell me how to read this thermometer? I cant identify what are the numbers between 80 degees F up to 100 degrees f. I have used this thermometer to try temper chocolates but i ended up not being able to properly temper milk chocolate that was required to be tempered from 86 - 88...
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    Help, I have a problem in baking a cake with the use of steamer

    Well, i just based the recipe here: Well as for the texture of the cake, i think the problem was the equipment i used
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    Help, I have a problem in baking a cake with the use of steamer

    I steamed it with water but not in an oven since i camt afford one
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    Help, I have a problem in baking a cake with the use of steamer

    Thank you, ill keep this in mind, it never got into my head that i need to measure the temp of a steam
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    Help, I have a problem in baking a cake with the use of steamer

    Well the recipe i used was from this video: Also I think i figured have figured out the problem, i think its because of the equipment? I used a steamer which has small holes in it, while in the video, theres this pot and glass lid only. If both ways are used where water is boiled in order...
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    About Getting into internships that involves pastries and bread making

    Is it possible for someone to get an internship without getting enrolled to study in a baking and pastries NC II course, however that person had finished learning the fundamentals of baking which he got a cerrificate out of it and self trained himself to making pastries??
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    Help, I have a problem in baking a cake with the use of steamer

    Lately whenever i attempt to bake through the use of steam by boiling water under, I end up having a batter turned into a bad result whcih is instead of a fluffy sponge cake with holes inside the cake that should rise up after its baked from steam, I end up having a batter that looks like some...
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    Mint and Matcha

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the two? I know both are processed from green leaves but I can't differentiate their taste and appearance
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    About bakers getting part time jobs

    Can bakers be hired in baking part time jobs without having their own baking business as their background(as in they did not want to make their own business in baking) , however they have a background that they have obtained the skills and the ability to bake various types of bread or cakes...
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    Should I get a part time job first before getting into an internship?

    I got enrolled in a short course for fundamentals of baking only for 3 months (i will only be attending eveery saturdays) and I was wondering what is a good action after finishing that short course? should I take a part time job first that involves baking in other places or do an internship...
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    I have 2 questions About Retail and Wholesale Bakeries

    Thank you so much for the answer this helps a ton!
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    About working in Bakeries

    So umm Wether a retail one or a wholesale bakeries, are the staffs there or bakers sometimes provides ingredients to finish up the products there or all the ingredients are all covered by the bakery rather than for staffs to buy imgredients with their own money? I was wondering what kind of...
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