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    Taking a Turkey out at 140 f or 145?

    Ok. I just realized by researching that a Turkey wont raise too much in temp. So I am planning on taking my Turkey out at 155. Its 20 lbs. I am pretty sure it will go 10 degrees. Thanks everyone for all your help! I remember in culinary school the chef saying something about a Turkey going up 20...
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    Taking a Turkey out at 140 f or 145?

    Chris, I dont understand that concept very well because I typically pull my prime rib out at 110 and they generally carry at least 20 degrees. I know Turkeys can carry over 20 degrees and the temp could change even more if you are using a convection setting on the oven.
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    Taking a Turkey out at 140 f or 145?

    Next week im making a huge Thanksgiving dinner for 25 people. Im doing 1 giant Turkey and 2 Turkey breasts. I will be brining them and then roasting them upside down basting with a grand marnier butter. I have probe thermometers but im curious to find out the best temp to take it out at. It...
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    Cracking Cake :(

    Hey Jessiquina, I noticed you are from Seattle. I am moving there with my wife and new baby in Feb. Is there any advice you could give me on where to find a great job in the area? Im excited for all the wonderful restaurants and styles of cuisine there.
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    The best chocolate souffle recipe!

    Thanks so much for the recipe sorry for the late response, things have been hectic at work for a while. That recipe looks amazing I like the idea of making a ganache, its something I have not seen an many souffle recipes. I will let you know how it turns out.
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    Restaurants in Seattle

    I am in the same situation as Justin as I am planning to move to the Seattle area after my wifey gives birth to our daughter, which would be sometime in Jan. So I guess we would prob be moving up there close to middle feb or march. I am researching restaurants and hotels, as Seattle has so many...
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    Any good jobs in Orange County California? Or Anywhere???

    Hello, I am currently working as a personal chef to a very wealthy couple and  have been so for almost 2 years but I have decided that its about time to move on. I am interested in going to work for a company with great benefits as my wife and I are expecting our first baby in January. The job...
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    The best chocolate souffle recipe!

    Hello I am a personal chef and I just recently joined this site to see if I could connect with other chefs to exchange ideas, recipes, knowledge and just to make some other chef friends. I am on the hunt for an amazing chocolate souffle recipe that is faultless with a very light texture and rich...
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