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    Turkey Lasagna Seasoning

    Sometimes turkey base or a turkey reduction helps get more flavor.
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    COMBI OVENS. Between Alto Shaam or Cleveland Combitherm Combi Ovens. Any Suggestions?

    I swear by Rational. They are the best. And clean themselves!
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    What footwear do you use in the kitchen?

    Smart wool socks make a huge difference! They turn your kitchen into a carpeted dining room by feel. Mozo Forzas are the best shoe out there right now and the insoles are adjustable and they come in wide for me. I also switch between Footprints by Birkenstock Alton clog which I recently replaced...
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    Henckels Zwilling Twin Master Vs Victorinox (Forschner)

    I love my 12 inch Dick. $120. 8 inch is way cheaper than that. Wusthof are atleast twice that. And I really can't believe my Dick and the Wusthof are not fully forged. I must be missing something about this conversation. I've seen the Wusthof forging process in pictures from start to finish.
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    Most memorable stupid orders you've gotten

    Medium rare no blood. I'll faint if I see blood. This was for Australian Lamb Chops.
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    Most memorable stupid orders you've gotten

    After 4 months of aging most cheese has converted all lactose. Making it naturally lactose free. Beemster is a good one.
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    Best knife for up to $500 or so

    My Misono ux10 swedish steel has no problems like that but it is a $400 knife. My only complaint is that it's super light. That and the glestain are only scalloped on one side. I just love the Glestain offset 8 1/4. I seriously love it. I have a 12 inch dick that I love and then the Shun Edo...
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    Favorite cooking knife

    Everyone should have a 12inch Dick.
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    Best knife for up to $500 or so

    I dont know why scallops would hinder my knife sharpening? I mean it doesnt. I have 2 double sided stones 1000 to 10000. My only problem is the bevels on the misono ux10 and the glestain. I'm not used to sharpening knifes that aren't 50/50.
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    Favorite cooking knife

    Glestain offset 8 1/4. Best knife I've ever bought.
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    What goes well with venison/ elk?

    I use juniper in a lot of recipes mostly brines , broths, and curing. It is important to tell people you can easily over juniper food and it will suck.
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    Need help picking my first good quality knife.

    Yes you are correct. I believe chromibium has carbon. But im not sure what vg 10 5 and 3 are made of the Glestains are a trademark in house steel they call acuto 14 I believe. It is fucking great is chromibium vanadian that was my first set. Whet stones rule.
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    What goes well with venison/ elk?

    Blackberry and whiskey jam demi.
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    Smoking with a combi-therm oven

    Put a big pan of ice in there if your cold smoking.
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