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    Banquets & Catering or A la carte ? Which direction to take?

    If you enjoy it, stick with it. The banquet chef in any hotel operation is generally regarded as the third in command behind Exec. Chef and Asst. Exec. Chef. No better way to work into the big leagues and make some real money. Just get with a five star or five diamond organization. Waldorf...
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    Define the path

    My suggestion is to get in on the ground floor with a reputable hotel chain that operates large facilities in high dollar markets. I don't care what anyone says, but unless you strike it lucky and become a food network star, there is no faster way to be upwardly mobile and have true money...
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    Equipment Recommendation

    No substitute for a TurboChef. Not cheap but they are the best.
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    Allow me to introduce myself..

    First of all, don't feel like the lone ranger. Lot's of people fall into this line of work out of desperation, or just a total lack of marketable job skills. The good part is that in the right environment, everyone can learn and progress. It is important to find a mentor who can keep you...
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    slow cooker vs Dutch oven settings

    That doesn't really make sense. First of all, I wouldn't cook anything at a temperature under 200 degrees unless it was sous vide. I would compromise and try 250-275 in the oven and check it after 3 hours.
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    Vacuum sealing and freezing cooked rice dishes?

    Freezing has a negative effect on most foods, but we are talking about rice here. As long as you don't over cook the original batch then it should reconstitute just fine in the microwave.
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    27 year old, career change, culinary school. Am i setting up myself for failure? need blunt advice

    Let's be honest. There are very few people who work 80-100 hour work weeks for any period of time. I have had them on occasion to cover vacations, someone got fired, etc. but it is certainly not the norm. Nor should it be. I am the Exec of a 2500 room casino hotel and I work 50-60 hours a...
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    Cooking Wisdom.

    Most people don't know this but Vegan is actually an old Native American word that means bad hunter. To each his or her own. I don't care how people choose to eat, that's a personal decision. I do agree that it is our responsibility to respect all food that comes across our cutting boards...
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    Food costing advice

    Don't forget to account for your soft costs in any recipe costing. No matter what you are making, there are always products associated with preparation that cost money. Typically I will add 10% to account for this. Example; If you are making chicken parmesan, you have to account for the...
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    Life as a new line cook

    All good advice. Especially the flash cards. Just remember that being an effective and speedy cook takes years of repetition in the kitchen. Don't try to master everything in one day. My goal growing in the industry was to be the fastest and most accurate on 1 station before I looked to move...
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