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    Roll production

    Hey guys, I am looking for any tips on bread production. I currently work at a job where I have to produce roughly 1000 rolls a week along with other items. I’m looking for a good method to produce large quantities of rolls/pull apart bread/etc. Thanks.
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    Croissant Butter

    Has anyone ever used a compound butter as their roll in for their croissants and/or danishes to flavor the dough?
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    Update: I am looking for a buttercream icing that’s stands up to cold temps and stays creamy and doesn’t get hard. Would that be something like an Italian buttercream
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    Product Ideas for bakery

    Alright guys I’m trying to narrow down my menu right now at our bakery. I’m looking for items that are big sellers something that requires little production time and can be produced in large batches and kept on hands at all times. Ideas? Go?..
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    Hey guys, I’m having trouble with my buttercream. I have a pastry case that is refrigerated and mainly cakes, cupcakes and cake slices. The buttercream seems to be getting too hard and I am getting customer complaints. It is a great icing. Should I cut it with a shortening to make it softer and...
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    Pastry Case

    I’m have trouble with finding that sweet spot on my pastry cases with the correct temp. It is running around 40-41F but my cakes and cupcakes seem to be hard as a rock and I am getting complaints because of this. What do you all usually run your cases at for a variety of products: fruit tarts...
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    Bulk Cookie Prep

    I work in a bakery that does the majority of the product from scratch. To stay ahead we make our cookie dough, portion into dough balls and freeze for later use. My problem is that once baked the cookies aren’t spreading as they normally would. Any advice on how to proceed? Maybe pull thaw...
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    Best way to clean double deck pizza oven

    I am working in a bakery that has a double deck pizza oven. I would like to know what the best route route to clean the pizza stone on the inside is?
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    Eclair Help

    What is the best way to get a smooth consistent eclair form/shape instead of those big bulky things you see in the stores? Perhaps molds? Thanks in advance
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    Has anyone ever used a stencil machine for printing your own stencils? I’m looking to print and possibly airbrush sugar cookies. I feel like stenciling would be the fastest way to go and having my own printer would give me more options. If you have used one what is the best one? Any other ideas...
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    Proofing Box

    Has anyone used or currently used proofing boxes? What is their main use for, just any dough I wish? Are they more beneficial than than a temp controlled proofing cabinet, bench proofing, etc.
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    Thanks for the help. I’ll do that and see if I can’t eliminate one problem before moving on to the next.
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    Hard to tell because I am letting them bench proof at room temp in our bakery but it is hotter in some areas than others. I could try proofing in other parts of the kitchen and see if that helps.
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    So I am having trouble with my croissants. When I bake my croissants the butter starts to seep out of the dough. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Thanks guys
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