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    boiling an egg with runny yoke

    I make medium boiled eggs all the time for my Ramen at home. these are 6 minute eggs, and i have never had a problem peeling and slicing them. There is a channel on youtube, i believe it is called french guy cooking with a guy named alex. he did a demo showing soft boiled eggs at different...
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    undercounter refer/freezer, chef base, lowboy recommendations

    Looking for recommendations on brands for chef bases. Been a while since I had to purchase this kind of equipment. I will have a 6 burner stove top on one, and a flat top on the other. I need one freezer, one refer. I have been looking at the bev air, but I can't really find any reviews...
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    Maple Bourbon Butternut Bene. Description is a couple posts up. Didn't have time for pics of process. Barely had time to get this done with all of the emergency planning we had to do. Closed to the public but staff will still get to enjoy this.
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    not sure if you would consider this a mash up or fusion of different cultural cuisine, but I will be doing another play on eggs bene on the 19th. Pretzel roll for a base, topped with my maple bourbon butternut pulled pork, egg, possibly poached but most likely over easy, smoked gouda mornay...
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    I do not have pics of the process, but I am running this as a special today. Bulgogi Burger on brioche with kim chi aioli, red cabbage, and house pickled daikon.
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    French Macarons in a convection oven?

    why don't you try preheating it about 25 - 50 degrees higher than you need, loading it, turning it off, and letting them carry over for 15 - 20 min?
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    Phone rights...

    Throughout this whole debate the only points against phones in the kitchen have been related to time and behavior. I don't know if no one else considers this, or if I am more sensitive to it working in a hospital, but it is a sanitation issue as well. Our staff are not allowed to have their...
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    A can of tuna

    I use bitters in a few things, several different marinades and brines, but primarily in my garlic butter recipe. Helps highlight many of the other flavors, especially the brandy.
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    About a Squash Purree

    if it wasn't frozen I wouldn't use it past 5 - 7 days.
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    December Cooking Challenge 2019 -- Cured Meats

    Sounds like that means there will be more for you then... ;)
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    December Cooking Challenge 2019 -- Cured Meats

    I actually work for a hospital. That's why everything is so affordable. We don't have to mark things up 3 or 4 times to cover food cost and labor. We do a 1 - 1.5x mark up. Food and labor are covered under budgets and not measured by %. We also get special pricing and don't pay tax, so that...
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    December Cooking Challenge 2019 -- Cured Meats

    Thank you. It was only $2.50. At that price you can't go wrong!
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    December Cooking Challenge 2019 -- Cured Meats

    Just did this as a special this morning. I don't have pics of the process, but the cured item on here is Finocchiona, fennel infused salami from Tuscany. It is a play on eggs bene. Squashbrowns - Spaghetti squash, roasted fennel, garlic and parmesan, grilled and topped with Finocchiona, and...
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    October Challenge: Savory Pumpkins and Winter Squash

    you would have had my vote for the win. I think this dish Iooks absolutely stunning. you do such and excellent job with all of your presentation and photography. what is the red sauce?
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    October Challenge: Savory Pumpkins and Winter Squash

    Cinnamon Twist Challah French toast stuffed with Pumpkin Spice Mascarpone Mousse and finished with Blackberry Cassis Caramel. Added some Belgian pearl sugar to the filling, because why not? Who doesn't like little crunchy bits of sugary goodness?
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