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    Pranks you've played, or had done to you

    We used to send new cooks down to the basement (engineering) for buckets of steam for the steam table. Engineer was in on it and would blow off the boiler at a bucket and tell them to take it up. By the time they got back to the kitchen the steam dissipated and we'd yell at them for not being...
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    Help Please....How to hold Polenta in steam table

    We used to have a soft polenta on the menu. The problem with a '5 minute' polenta is the cornmeal still isn't fully cooked and has a grainy texture, it needs 10 to 15 minutes cooking to really develop, thus not really good for an ala minute dish. When we cooked ahead and placed in the steamtable...
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    Old Newbie

    Grazie Mezzaluna, I intend to peruse at leisure. I look forward to engaging in some semi social postings.
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    Old Newbie

    Greetings all, I am not new to chef's forums, just this one. My name is Brian, I am the Exec at a small boutique hotel in San Diego CA. A 32 year veteran of the kitchen wars, apprenticeship trained + CIA grad (83 if it matters) and have been a bit of a nomad though my career. Was a member of...
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