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    Negotiation for compensation

    Keep in Mind you have no had evidence to determine what your sales are and what the owner could afford to pay you yet. But a Four million dollar operation in Manhattan, I'd think you should be around the $70,000 Mark, starting out.
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    How can I improve to become a chef?

    This book is Amazing and taught me alot.
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    Impossible meat

    Could be cool. At my old Job when a vegan came in, alot of times we would take a cookie cutter to a block of Tofu so it reassembled a Filet. Throw it in a balsamic marinade for a bit and grill it up and serve it over some asparagus. We were a steakhouse, so the Vegan felt like they fit in with...
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    Perfect French Fries?

    On a quest to make the perfect french fries. What have you found out works best for scratch made fries? Cold blanch, soak in acidic water first, salt brine, etc. 350 Degree Fryer? Need Help to make the PERFECT French Fries!
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    Ideas for competition dish

    Since your dish is very traditional I would just go with like a Tourne of Carrot. Steam it and hit it in a hot pan with a little butter and Salt.
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    Using "The Professional Chef" as a self-teaching guide?

    "The professional Chef" Says Brown Sauce and Demi Glace are two different sauces, bu that is obviously debatable. Besides the point, it is good to know these and how they can be used in a professional Kitchen.
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    Instagram and Instagram services

    They will get you a lot of "fake" account followers. Don't do it. What is your Instagram Handle? I'll follow you.
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    Using "The Professional Chef" as a self-teaching guide?

    Every Italian place serves Tomato Sauce Every Steakhouse Serves Brown Sauce/ Demi Glace. Mac and Cheese is always best with a Bechamel Base. Hollandaise is on every menu. Veloute is a bit old school, but some chefs use it still i guess?? SIX :)
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    Using "The Professional Chef" as a self-teaching guide?

    Learn the 6 mother sauces and all their small Sauces. Also Learn the big 13 cooking methods.
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    So I've just got a pig...

    Roast a whole hog, chop it up and freezer bag it. When you want to do a feature item with Pork, it is a better selling feature to say "Whole Hog BBQ" the "Pulled Pork" and it will probably taste better...........don't forget to save the skins for Chicharrones!
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    Professional "How To" Videos

    It is slightly different from a CVap oven but it cooks low and slow like a CVap.
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    Need your experience and knowledge

    Blanch the wings in a low fryer first, then when order comes in you only have to drop them in a hot fryer for a few mins. This will drop you ticket times.
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    Professional "How To" Videos

    Correct but also see what issues people commonly see and in turn seeing if there is a way to utilize the oven and fix said problem.
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    Professional "How To" Videos

    Check it out! As far as the rice goes, I believe it is more of a recipe/Technique then it is cooking vessel.
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    Professional "How To" Videos

    Yes that is me, I work at that restaurant 3 years ago (when the video was shot). Used Thermodyne ovens there, loved them. Decided to make a Career move a year ago and joined the Thermodyne company.
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