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    Mirror glaze question

    i watched several videos on this and alot say to freeze your cake and then pour this helps it set also gelatine is in the recipe for al li saw.
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    Product Ideas for bakery

    serious cash cow.... ANZAC bisuits these were made in the war using oatmeal golden syrup coconut down right simple fast and they have a great shelf life.
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    Probing steaks

    as mentioned only reason i use a probe on the oven is i am generally doing the function myself without help, if I take it to 49deg c it goes DING, i open door let em rest out and it will continue to climb approx 5/6 deg within resting time of 20min. in that time setting up of other componets to...
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    Accor Hotel looking for chefs and cooks

    Hi Team we need a CDP a DEMI or 2 commis or 3 good cooks this would be a for a restaurant on the central coast for ACCOR Hotels Resumes send through and I will pass on
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    Xmas Party for 300,help plz

    sorry to cut in, so a sit down 3 course or a buffet, buffet will make life a lot easier people can come go as you please.
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    Why are cooks paid so little when they have to work so much?

    ok, something to add .. but the reading is seriously good guys, there is thought passsion and zero piss and moan, so keep it up, last night my commis chef pulled my head chef and myself aside in the function room and said the following Chef I have resigned...he was shocked why> he asks, well...
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    Probing steaks

    doing functions every day doing 50-100 steaks now i set the temp at 70cook core temp 55 using a probe this ensures they cook slow and loose weight i do it as iam traying up doing restaurant work i do it by hand no prob no thermo
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    Opening a SmokeHouse

    all i can say is do you really want a restaurant? you can achieve pretty much everything you want if you had a smoke shack that customers came and collected grabbed after work to take home etc, restaurant you need more staff more plates and well comes more expense where as you can control 90%...
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    Seeking resources - how do some restaurants maintain consistency?

    totally understand this ... ok someone mentioned prep kitchens bring to temp and serve, these a factory produced items add garnish done, very good on a the wastage side to answer or my view with the lower end who don't use this above method they have a break 1-3 method, making mash ok...
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    Best way to clean double deck pizza oven

    rock salt and wire brush the salt will act as a course grain against the floor and will remove with wire brush, if it is a fire base stone pull coals over and burn the bastard
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    Does this actually happen or they just trying to scare me?

    i would sit in if you can and watch with a friend, see how and who is doing what, it is amazing what you can see when you just observe hiding in plain sight is powerful than you think
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    Are Coffee shops profitable?

    this wasa great read, my only suggestion would be to sit and evaluate and drink coffee, i would make my own simple tarts or cookies etc with the coffee i would speak to a cup person and have your cups setup with your information 12oz double wall style cup if possible a bio style cup to show you...
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    Puff Pastry Shrinking Problem

    i used to have the same problem with a citrus tart, so make an over hang cook for 10min 160.c rolling pin out do a fly cut across the tart which will drop the outter edge off finish the blind bake good to go.
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    Meringue situation

    hhhmmm, ok i would look at 1/2 lemon juice with whites and whip add a little sugar as a stablizer add salt last salt will automatically make it weep and fall due to moisture content
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