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    Another Untrained Home Cook Thread...

    Check out Vollrath's Tribute line of three ply stainless.  I can't beat them enough.
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    Chicken Chopping Knife.

    Thanks for all the replies.  It ain't easy--at least for me.  I think all of the recommendations would work well.  I live near a Chinatown and have been planning on picking up some sort of cleaver to play around with.  Just not yet. The German chef's knife seems like the most economical...
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    Chicken Chopping Knife.

    Hello, This grillin' season I got into grilling butterflied chickens under a brick.  I cut the backbone out with shears and after cooking I split the breastbone and cut each breast cross wise in two using a variety of the wrong knives.  I have a 270mm gyuto that I don't dare use. What type of...
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    Cutting board for BoardSmith

    Well, right now it's hanging over my mantle.
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    Cutting board for BoardSmith

    And no, I've not used it yet.  It is just too pretty.
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    Cutting board for BoardSmith

    Well, it took a few days to recuperate from all this.  Excuse me while I get some ketchup for the crow I'm about to eat. I gave much thought on how I could save face in this reply.  I don't think I can nor am I deserving of such a rescue.  My calls and email were for the right reason but...
  7. Cutting board for BoardSmith

    Cutting board for BoardSmith

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    Cutting board for BoardSmith

    It is all I can do to be objective with my encounter with Mr. Smith.  Consider this before doing business with this man. April 2, I ordered a "Carolina slab" which was featured on his home page.  After three weeks I called and politely asked about my board.  He replied with a litany of...
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    Cutting board for BoardSmith

    Plan ahead.  I ordered a maple board April 2.  It is June 1 and I'm still waiting.  I ordered it for my wife's birthday which is now a month past.
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    Comment by 'carpenter' in item 'The Board Smith Maple 2″x12″x18″'

    I ordered and paid for a board April 2.  It is now June 1 and I've never received any reply (confirmation, news of delay, etc,.) from Mr. Smith. I called him in mid April and he gave me some song and dance story about delays.  I called him again last week and he said he's getting to it. 
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    Bread Knife

    How often will you be using the knife?  For me a bread knife isn't the sexiest knife on the rack, nor the most used.  I think the Victorinox knives--although popular--are over rated.  I just replaced a 20 year old 10" Forschener with a 12" Dexter Russel.  I paid $40.  I think those two brands...
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    Cuisinart: TERRIBLE Warranty Policy

    Now if everyone else gets on board we may be able to change things.  Since my last post I've purchased a BonaVita coffee maker and a Kitchen Aid grinder and Kitchen Aid food processor.  I didn't even bother looking at the stuff from Cuisinart.
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