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    how to thicken salad dressing?

    Low-fat mayonnaise, mustard and honey can make a good honey mustard, and this could be combined with vinegar for a honey-mustard vinaigrette. it's not fat free or calorie free, but it's still fairly low compared to most salad dressings. I think that's probably going to be your best bet in terms...
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    Help! My body is breaking

    Don't limit yourself to restaurant shoes. Try some other avenues as well when looking for shoes. I worked for years in a pair of Red Wing Pecos round-toe cowboy/roper boots like what a lot of electricians and linemen wear. They were water/slip resistant, electric-shock resistant (not that that...
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    Musings from a now former chef

    Thanks for the responses and thoughts, everyone. Still settling in to life as a butcher, but certainly more used to the routine than I was a month ago. As far as drinking on the line, in response to Foodpump's post, I work in somewhat of an anomoly - the Memphis area. Most GMs are happy to...
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    Musings from a now former chef

    Years ago, before I became a chef, I was a butcher. It was the second job I ever had. The demand for butchers at the time was pretty low, and I mostly did grunt work for the experienced guys, but I tried my best to learn what I could from them. I transfered to another department at the wholesale...
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    Question about national economy...

    Touching on what some ofthe others said, it actually hit franchise/casual dining worst since their customer base is mostly middle class consumers who are usually the worst ones hit in a crash. Fine dining restaurants cater to a clientele who is usually more insulated from the ebbs and flows of...
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    Communicating in the Kitchen

    There's this lady at the restaurant I work at who refuses to communicate. She's a good cook from a technical standpoint, but horrible to work with because she is unwilling to talk. When she's assigned to do expo, she just throws the plates on the bar and doesn't keep them in order and won't...
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    Meat off cuts

    When I worked as a butcher, it all became sausage or hamburger meat (usually sold as chuck regardless of actual fat content - which is why avoid chuck at most fresh meat markets unless you really know/trust your butcher). At the old place I worked, we made quesadillas or demi-glace with the trim.
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    Recent culinary school grad, at impasse, looking for insight :)

    I think you're misunderstanding my TV show theory. Cooking has always been a side-job/backup for me. Half of my career has been in broadcasting. I've seen it done enough times to know it's possible. I never said OP would have millions of viewers or never have to work again. Here's the gist of...
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    Recent culinary school grad, at impasse, looking for insight :)

    1. I think the core issue is that you had a certain expectation of the food industry (creating menus, exploring flavor profiles, trips to the local farms/suppliers), but the reality is that the majority of food service work involves repetitive, sometimes menial tasks. Culinary schools are good...
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    Help plz prover question.

    It's wet before you bake it or after? Are you baking it long enough? What type of bread are you baking, and how are you baking it? Just in my experience, I've always prefered an overnight proof in the walk-in with a 1-3 hour proof at room temp the next day over using a proofer box.
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    Newly hired cook looking for advice from a chef

    I think it goes back to balance employer/employee. I never go into a job with the mindset that I'm going to quit after X amount of time, but if an employer is doing me no favors or treating me bad, I don't see it that I owe them X amount of time. They hired me, but I have to work to maintain...
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    What should i bring to interview?

    You're welcome. Same here, I've never been able to get a good dice with the French technique without going so slow that it makes it impractical in a restaurant setting. I use the same basic technique for tomatoes too, slicing down rather than side to side, to get thinner, even slices. Also, as...
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    since y'all were so helpful before....

    I've always been surprised more people don't die from bean soups cooked in crock pots. Phytohaemagglutin is an undigestible protein found in beans. The body can't break it down, and it can cause kidney failure in very small doses (as few as 5-10 raw beans). It's not usually fatal in the...
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    What should i bring to interview?

    I've always cut off both ends, cut in half (end-to-end, not side-to-side), placed each half flatside down, sliced each half into thin strips, rotated 90 degrees and cut the strips into cubes. It's safer and faster since you're never cutting towards your hand, wastes less onion and gives a much...
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    Pretzel Logic

    Good job - especially on the braids! Sealing them securely without smashing the dough can be tricky. I wish I had one now they look so good.
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