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    Oxley Gin and the Perfect Martini

    Not convinced by this gin, seems like a case of marketing over substance. In common with a lot of other so-called 'premium' gins it has a very light citrusy body and I don't think will pack the punch to make a good martini (though as yet I've only tried it straight). Maybe a gin for vodka...
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    Peanut powder?

    I'm worried about what kind of cocktail could be rimmed with peanut...
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    Dining and Wining in Copehagen, Denmark ... Bountiful in Star Chefs ...

    Been to a number of these places, Laundromat and Ida Davidsen were not worth the visit, but the others that I tried were all good.  One place I would add is Marv & Ben, also Relae. 
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    People will be hearing a lot more about this guy over the next couple of years. Shame the restaurant's so bloody hard to get to. 
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    10 Superior Ales of The British Isles

    I'd just like to add a couple of unmentioned and relatively easy-to-find beers to this thread that are worth trying for anyone interested: - Brakspear Triple - Adnams Broadside - Fullers 1845 - Timothy Taylor's Landlord Regarding those already mentioned (this is opinion only): - Samuel...
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    Question about dried Wild Mushrooms??

    I let it rest with my plate over it for a couple of minutes after it comes off the heat, then add the butter & cheese, carry out the mantecatura very violently (most crucial step) and serve.
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    What type of "farm to table" activities are you involved in?

    Certainly a nicer accent than the nuances of flavour contributed by pesticides. Seriously though, I live in the city but 15 minutes on the train followed by 10 minutes walk brings me to relatively unspoiled forest where collecting wild is absolutely fine.
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    What type of "farm to table" activities are you involved in?

    I try and use a reasonable amount of wild herbs/leafy vegetables, also grow some of my own herbs, but don't otherwise have the opportunity to do much.
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    Most Expensive Meal

    Living in Scandinavia, prices are even higher than the UK. Including food, drinks and tip, I paid the equivalent of $1111 for a dinner for two not so long ago. Admittedly, the restaurant was very good and I did save up for several months beforehand.
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    Should clams open when cooked?

    Worth noting that clams open a bit later in the cooking process than some other bivalves. They must be served as soon as they open or they will be overcooked.
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    I made a sort of half-dessert today out of mango, yoghurt, lemon verbena, mint, cardamom. Really nice flavour combination.
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    sour cream....

    I use a kind of sour fermented milk in bread, with very good results.
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    Black Sea Bass??? Sauce ideas and cooking techniques

    I had a great dish at a very good restaurant a few weeks ago - it wasn't bass but the same idea is applicable. The fillets were wrapped in a few layers of cabbage leaf, placed on the grill and allowed to steam inside the leaves for a short while. The result was remarkable. Don't forget to...
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    Restaurant Marketing and Advertising

    Also this:
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    Marinade question.....How long is too long?

    I would not go over 3 hours for sirloin, and that would have to be quite a large one.
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