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    New to Chef Talk! Looking for advice on hard candy formulation

    Control of residual moisture in the product and humidity control in packaging/storage.
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    Pineapple and Tomato: An Underappreciated Combo

    I despise Hawaiian pizza, but always thought the potential appeal to be the pineapple and bacon combination. The tomato is there just to justify the name “pizza”.
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    How long can you leave cooked beef out before reheating it?

    ... and it seton the temp of your refrigerator, of course. ... and the amount of food. (More equals a greater thermal mass to dissipate.) I often leave refrigerated meat on the counter 2 to 3 hours before cooking. I check periodically, though, and if it’s losing it’s cool but I’m not ready to...
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    How long can you leave cooked beef out before reheating it?

    What is the temperature in your kitchen?
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    porcelain Dutch oven?

    If you get any pushback, remember these very important words, “yes, dear... as you wish.”
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    porcelain Dutch oven?

    Wholeheartedly agree with SF. In fact, a bigger and flatter baking pan is what I prefer. In a loaf pan the meatloaf often has a weird texture since it “boils in its fat”. I applaud the notion of making all elements but I can’t see any value in baking bread just to make breadcrumbs. Bake the...
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    *Actual Pro Standards* for Carbon Steel Seasoning

    Burn sticky goo should soak off. Shorten the soak by adding water and boiling. it might leave a minor change in color but that’s par for the course. If it’s smooth it’s clean. No need for “touch up seasoning “... mans, your right... you don’t want to scour the seasoning off!
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    *Actual Pro Standards* for Carbon Steel Seasoning

    BTW, real pros value their tools. They may not buy the most expensive or trendy tools, but it’s how they make a living so a “who cares?” attitude is the sign of a loser.
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    *Actual Pro Standards* for Carbon Steel Seasoning

    Burnt food debris is not seasoning. It’s burnt food debris. Seasoning is not a one-time thing. It needs to be maintained. After the initial seasoning a good wash is what’s needed after use. The cooking oils and cooking sessions build that initial seasoning. Sometimes it gets a bit altered...
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    Chuck from the shoulder, vs. "regular" chuck

    Sure, but you probably won’t like it very much. I will taste like frozen leftovers and could have a weird texture.
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    Season carbon steel pan

    Keep using it. Just because it’s seasoned doesn’t mean that it is non-stick or that you can stop using oil when cooking. It will continue to improve over time.
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    How can excessive pepper in soup be fixed

    I would throw it out. Or try diluting with a basic potato soup, or a basic cream soup. The amount of dilution needed may be extra, though, if the pepper-goof was really substantial... which it sounds like it was.
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    What did you have for dinner?

    Cooking it now: corned beef, cabbage, boiled potato and carrot. A traditional American meal for St Patrick’s day!
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    Supplies for a While

    I should be okay...
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