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    Do you grind the stems from cloves along with the rest?

    Absolutely... grind the whole clove.. it has more flavor than just the bud!
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    Impact of colonialism on the Indian cuisine, assignment input

    It might help if your questions are more specific. So far they are really too generic to be able to offer help. Let me try to help... what region/cuisine of India are you interested in.
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    Impact of colonialism on the Indian cuisine, assignment input

    LOL... it might be just as interesting to investigate how British colonialism changed British food!
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    Baking tools

    Hiya. I have a couple of really good ideas. How much are you paying?
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    Freezing tomato puree

    It freezes great.
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    Enamelled cast iron seasioning problem

    Vinegar is diluted acetic acid, a chemical...
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    Anyone have a citrus juicer?

    Have you looked at Cuisinart juicers? There is one that is compact with a carafe. In the USA they are about 40 bucks. Inexpensive, require little physical energy and looks like the will give maximum yield.
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    Canned goods

    It’s only 15 bucks... if it hurts that much start a go-fund-me. :)
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    Canned goods

    Throw them out.
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    Japanese steel - how to take care of it?

    Oh... I use the hottest water I can get out of the faucet... to help evaporate any invisible residual water survives the drying cloth.
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    Japanese steel - how to take care of it?

    I can’t answer the question because washing and dryin carbon steel knives always has been rust-free for me. But mine aren’t Japanese so maybe there is a difference. I’m in awe of and the packaging. But what has me in absolute awe is that perfectly peeled potato!
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    Can You Freeze Buttermilk?

    I dislike two things: that buttermilk isn’t sold in pint containers and wasting what I buy. Leftovers are frozen in 1/2 cup portions... quite successfully. I’ve also used dried buttermilk interchangeably.
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    January 2021 Challenge - rice!

    Yes, I have a large container of sugar that I put the vanilla pods, after the beans are removed for other purposes. It seems to take a couple of months for the initial “perfuming” and lasts virtually forever so long as it is dry. As I use the vanilla sugar I top off with more white sugar and add...
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    January 2021 Challenge - rice!

    ... but probably not orzo.
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    Appetizer servings

    Passed or plated? Hot apps; cold apps; or both?
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