Started cooking at 10 years of age, out of necessity. Originally taught by grandmother and mother in the New England style of American cooking. Later expanded cooking experience in other styles by self-study and seminars

Versed in New England and Southern American cuisines and several style of BBQ... as well as Italian, French, and British cookery. Also skilled at live fire cooking, both open hearth and in wood fired ovens. Dabbled in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese too. Currently interested expanding to German.

Worked way through high school and college in professional kitchens. Learned not just cooking but valuable life skills including business (finance and ethics) and how to co-exist with quirky, arrogant, or intoxicated cooks and chefs. Opened a restaurant that has twice sold but still features the original menu and has been a success since the 1980s. Like Col. Sanders, I have no stake in it now but wish I did since it has made lots of money for others.

Most of career has been working in other professional areas but still avid cook at home.
Greater Los Angeles, CA
Former Chef
Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.)
Cooking, baking, preserving, candy-making. Several types of visual arts media. Historical research and writing.
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