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    Labor Costs at Sandwich/Prepared Food Shop

    It IS a big difference, and its too high either way. There's something wrong with the model if it requires that much labor for quick service. Either the menu is too complex, the equipment isn't sufficient, or there are inefficiencies in your customer ordering and service side. If you're working...
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    Net Profit Margin

    Those average profits do not include any owner draw from the business. An owner draw would be included in the profit. What wouldn't be included in the profit is any w2 income the owner takes from working in the business. Any salary taken is supposed to be within industry norms, but there's no...
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    Net Profit Margin

    Somebody is giving you bad information. According to the National Restaurant Associations annual report on the restaurant industry, the average full service restaurant nets about a 4% profit and the average quick service restaurant nets about a 10% profit. Now, those "averages" include the 59%...
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    Net Profit Margin

    Who told you you can't take a wage just because your business is an LLC? If that was an accountant, fire them. That's not only wrong, is really bad advice. You SHOULD be taking a w2 wage if you are working in your own business. You should be taking whatever you would have to otherwise pay...
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    Question about national economy...

    Fine dining establishments and steak houses took the biggest beating in the last recession according to the National Restaurant Associations annual report. In a recession, the higher end restaurants always get hit the worst because people who know how to make money also know how to keep it...
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    Labor Costs at Sandwich/Prepared Food Shop

    BTW, I still think with your wages and minimum wage 24% is probably too optimistic. UNLESS you can command higher prices to make up for it. I would realistically budget for 30% and try to make it up with a lower food cost, closer to 25%. High wage areas hit closer to the "30/25" model I mentioned.
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    Labor Costs at Sandwich/Prepared Food Shop

    It should be enough to pay someone to run the place, as long as the other manager and shift lead aren't being overpaid. Salaries are usually failry low in quick service. If that someone is you, and you aren't making more than you pay someone else, then it would include you. If you're paying...
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    Labor Costs at Sandwich/Prepared Food Shop

    The average profitable quick service restaurant runs between 55% and 60% in prime costs (food plus labor). Well run quick service concepts can get to 50% or even under. Usually that requires volume and you would be hard pressed to get there with $580K in sales. If I'm you, I'm happy anywhere...
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    Labor Cost Question

    Anyone who gets a w2 paycheck gets figured in the labor cost. If you're a working owner and doing work you would otherwise have to pay someone else to do, but not drawing a w2 paycheck, add the pay you would otherwise pay someone else to do the same work to get a realistic labor cost.
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    Burgers: Chargrill vs Flattop

    I'd rather have a flat grilled burger over one done on a gas charbroiler. Flat tops aren't practical for a thicker burger, but a good sear ron a flat top has more flavor than burnt gas. Gas charbroilers just remind me how much better something cooked over charcoal or wood tastes.
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    Need a rice cooker

    I wouldn't buy a rice cooker after having owned an Instant Pot. Its a pressure cooker that also serves as a rice cooker, crock pot and will even make yogurt. It sells from $99 to $129 when its not on sale, but totally worth it and replaces several other pieces of equipment. Most importantly, its...
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    They think they invented the business

    I saw that article on their Facebook page a few weeks ago and made the same comment. There is nothing in it unique to "now", and nothing that justifies thinking there is an industry wide bubble. Interesting article, but the "bubble" thing was just rampant sensationalism.
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    Chef salary vs hourly

    Ditto the "stay on hourly", even if it means no raise. You're at $20 an hour already. Whatever salary they offer you is going to net you less per hour. The first step into a salaried position always does. You're not going to be the second in command of the kitchen and make more than $20/hr...
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    Looking for a type of culinary job that is 9-5 5 days a week.

    I have 21 personal chefs that all work 9-5 Monday through Friday, with the occasional (1-2 times month) optional evening or weekend party that pays automatic overtime. We don't always have an opening, but we are always accepting resumes in anticipation of the next one. Current openings in...
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    Fallacy of Food Cost % and Monthly inventory

    >>>>> Are there scenarios where a chef doesn't do inventory and the business is still healthy and profitable?
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