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    Do You Have a Cat?

    Have you tried "Soft Paws?" (I think they are also called "Soft Claws," but maybe it is a different company.) They are plastic-like blunt caps that you glue on over the claws. I use them on my kitty and while he may try to use my furniture as a scratching post, he cannot damage anything! He...
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    Wedding Cake Topper

    Do you have an ebay account? Here is a link to a brand new one on ebay... eBay: Gone Fishing Groom & Bride Wedding Cake Top Topper (item 130097699363 end time Apr-11-07 09:24:44 PDT) Good Luck! :D BORK <><
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    Need Help with measures!!!

    I have a recipe for Cranberry Walnut Bread, and when I wrote it down (over the phone) I think I messed up the measures for baking powder and baking soda. Can anyone make an educated guess as to what they should be? 2 cups Flour ??? Baking Powder (I wrote 2 tsp, but that...
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    Foi Gras in Chicago..Trans Fats in NYC...whats next?

    I agree that trans fats are unhealthy and I personally choose not consume them if I can help it. I must say though that with many of the freedoms we have always enjoyed now being threatened, I can't really agree with giving up another one. It seems like everything I am in to is being...
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    My first NY Style Cheesecake!!!

    WOW! That's a great-looking cheesecake!:chef: BORK <><
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    Pie Crust Using Coconut Oil - Results

    Great idea! Thanks for posting that. I wondered how something like that might work. I used extra virgin coconut oil as the fat in my granola recipe and LOVED it! Wonder what else it would work in... :bounce: BORK <><
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    Happy Birthday, Cakerookie!

    WOW! Happy Birthday!:bounce: BORK <><
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    Pet Pics...

    Look what I just got! His name is Ignatius, and I can't believe I ever lived a day without him! Notice in the second pic that his favorite place in the house is my cookbook shelf in the kitchen (mine too, we have a lot in common)! Anyone else have any pet pics to share?
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    Steve Irwin... very sad... BORK <><
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    change place change a mind

    Shahar, My family will ALWAYS pray for peace in Isreal. God bless you and your family during this difficult time. BORK <><
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    Good Eats In Daytona Beach...

    Thanks for that suggestion! I will be there a week, does anyone else have any suggestions? Thanks! BORK <><
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    Happy birthday Mezzaluna

    Happy Birthday! And thanks for all you do for us here!:bounce: BORK <><
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    Good Eats In Daytona Beach...

    We are getting ready for our annual Daytona Beach trip and we need a good place to get some REAL food. In the past we have been limited to whatever we could walk to, but this year we will have a little more mobility. Any suggestions welcomed and appreciated! BORK <><:bounce:
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    Does Your Partner Like Food?

    My husband LOVES food! Everything from whatever I cook for dinner to the finest restaurants around. The only thing is that he has to DIP EVERYTHING! When he asks me "what's for dinner..." and I tell him, his next question is always "what did you make to dip it in?". Can't complain about that...
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