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    Freezing Risotto

    Oh I don't know, to each their own I suppose! My boss froze her risotto and when we thawed it, it was still spongy and moist! She baked it before the event to warm it up, I'm not sure at what temp or for how long but it was warm. At the event we baked them for 25 more minutes on 350 and we...
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    What type of jobs can I do coming out of school and into the working world besides being a chef?

    With my job I had the odds in my favor. I am a prep cook for a small catering company that gets a lot of business because of devoted clients. I had no experience in a kitchen besides my at-home cooking. Google is your best friend. Look at prep cook jobs in your area using your zip code and...
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    catering for children's parties

    I love that! :3 thanks for your feedback!
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    Hey there! :3

    Found this site today and eternally grateful! I know I will be able to learn something every week here at! I am an entrepreneur of sorts. I want to be a caterer for children's parties! I'm not sure how well thought out any of this is, but I am taking the idea and running with it. I...
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    catering for children's parties

    So I just want to say, I am brand new to and this is like a dream come true. Not only are there awesome forums and helpful members, but this is a great place for me to grow and learn more. Anyway, I'm not really sure of a name for the catering company I am starting. It is aimed...
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    Catering Prices

    THIS WAS AN AWESOME THREAD! Thank you for posting! 
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    Name for a catering business.

    HELLO! I am excited to have found this thread! I am going to start my own catering company aimed toward children's parties! I like to make a lot of different dishes here at home for my children! A lot of it includes finger foods and easy plates like mac and cheeses and sandwiches with lots of...
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