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    When the perfect hire fails

    Well I said, "If".... To me, the word "If" is dependent upon potentially undisclosed information. It suggests uncertainty and inconclusivity.
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    When the perfect hire fails

    Looks like this guy doesn't really care about the consequences of his actions (or lack thereof). He has most probably decided that he needs to move on anyways, since he refuses to cooperate with the upper echelons of management. That's just plain disrespectful! Having him linger while setting...
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    Welcome, Woodson! You are not alone... We'll all share our culinary experiences!
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    Newbie Intro

    Welcome, JamJenny! We'll love to share with you! Namaste
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    Culinary school for a 30+ with no experience

    Hi there, sgsvirgil! Admittedly, I'm not completely familiar with foodtruck food service operations. However, I'm most certain that with the right location(s) frequented, with the appropriate menu, a sustainable profit can be maintained. Many years ago, I once thought of having a foodtruck...
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    Good book on bread for beginners?

    Hey there, Tyler520! There's only one bread book to recommend IMO: THE BREAD BAKER'S APPRENTICE Peter Rhinehart You're welcome! :)
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    Culinary school for a 30+ with no experience

    Hi there, Marton! I say, create several outstandingly delicious recipes and get a foodtruck! :)
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    Is Culinary School Really Necessary?

    Hey there, Foodpump! I'm 66 yrs old. In 20 yrs I'd like to be running the 440 in the Olympics! :) Namaste
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    Would culinary school be worth the trouble for non qualified chef?

    Hi there, Jerri991! If you have the cash to go to school, then you might wanna train yourself at home via next to free online classes via America's Test Kitchens, New York Times, etc.. There are also a few really great Youtube chefs, cooks, and schools available for indispensable culinary...
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    Is Culinary School Really Necessary?

    Hi there, Chefross! IMO Your experience, though as valuable to you, still appears to be an outlier, unique, and singular to you. However, from my observation, most chefs do better by learning on the job and thru personal development. These days the cost of culinary school alone can cost...
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    Advice on starting as a breakfast chef for the first time.

    Hey there again, Jessica26! Many grains these days can be prepared quite quickly. Waffles and pancakes can be whipped up in a jiffy, so long as the batter is present and ready to go. Egg is also a quick item on the menu! Therefore, as long as you have cooked ham and bacon, bread and butter...
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    List of the best cook books.

    The Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart I must have baked 30 or more loaves of Whole Wheat, Pumpernickel, French Baguettes, and Rye bread during the fall of 2009, after being inspired by Peter to perfect my bread baking skills. I'm most certain that my pizza crust skills improved as well!
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    Advice on starting as a breakfast chef for the first time.

    Hi there, Jessica26! We'll need more info in oder to be helpful.. For how many people are you preparing breakfast? Is it buffet or what?
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    Culinary school for a 30+ with no experience

    At this point I say, obtain a few really good cookbooks and incessantly read them, as you test them for their validity. Watch Youtube Cooking Channels like Cuisinart Culinary School, French Cooking Academy, Oh Yum with Ana Olson, Jacob Burton, Bon Appetit Bien Sur, and America's Test Kitchen...
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    Best Culinary School in Paris?

    Hi there, Tuchop! In most cases, aspiring chefs just wanna make a living by preparing delicous food for their clientele. You can practice making delicious food via great cookbooks, youtube videos, and continual practice. However, the financial aspect of becoming a respected and recognized...
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