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    grill and questions about the 'slow n sear' product

    I am looking to replace my grill. My old grill died, it was a cheap sub 100 USD no name gas. Long story short I am wanting to do some smoked ribs along with either a brisket or pork shoulder in mid november.   I am not wanting to invest a huge amount of money so I am considering purchasing a...
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    how durable are japanese stones

    I was using my new bester japanese stone 1200 on a homemade plank that ended up being to small for the container I was using it over - and I dropped the stone a few times onto the hard counter I was sharpening on. I am wondering how durable these things are? It didnt crack or break but, is it...
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    knife sharpeners near charlotte / hickory

    Does anyone here know of someone or could recommend someone who is good at sharpening knives around charlotte / hickory nc - not for hire, but for teaching?
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    question about JKI knife

    For sure, there's a lot of similarities between knives, but the kagero and tojiro dp are practically identical. The handle looks different material wise but other than that - it appears to be the same knife. For your point, can you name another knife that looks add identical as the kagero?
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    question about JKI knife

    Is it just me, or is the Gesshin Kagero knife from JKI very, very similar to the Tojiro DP Gyuto line? I mean, they look almost identical.         
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    fermenting sauerkraut question about jars

    I am looking at buying some jars for making sauerkraut at home. I planned to use mason jars but read about how they arent really airtight which can cause a problem with the LAB lactic acid bacteria. So I was lead to look into fido jars, by bormioli rocco. However, i've read that while these...
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    Need help with blue cheese

    im not huge into wine other than what we have here locally at a local vinard, muscadine wine. But I'll call it for what it is, this is basically grape juice. Its so sweet im assuming most wine drinkers wouldnt really call it wine. I dont drink to much but if I do, im into dark, dark beer. This...
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    Need help with blue cheese

    yeah we are headed to the beach and its a little away from any stores but ... i hit gold. I called a WF that is about thirty minutes from the final destination and they have some rogue river blue - so im going to try some and try to convience my family to try it also. I just found something out...
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    Need help with blue cheese

    thanks, good point. I called my WF and they are out of stock until december, and a local cheese shop called ormans is also out of stock. It is in stock on their website but .. i may just travel to WF and see what they got and check out the maytag.
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    Need help with blue cheese

    Man that sounds good, I'll look for it today. Yeah my local whole foods is the best cheese shop around that I've found. Charlotte is pretty big though. I'll post pictures on my Facebook. Would you use the rogue river to stuff steak? Wondering about the flavors there
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    Need help with blue cheese

    I have not tasted it - do you know of any brands you could recommend? Yeah I was thinking of a salad dressing of shorts
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    question about coffee

    It's a little disheartening that espresso machines are upwards of 2 & 3k. I was looking at some illy and lavazza coffee beans. It looks line lavazza is using a mix of arabica and robusta strains, and the robusta is added because they produce a nice crema but the robusta tend to taste bitter...
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    homemade mayo recipe

    I saw a video of a chef basically dropping his eggs into boiling water for a second and then into an ice bath for the purpose of killing any bacteria on the outer shell. Should I bother with this?
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    Need help with blue cheese

    Hey, I love blue cheese - and im buying a rather large container of it from Sams Club this week to take on vacation for the purpose of stuffing a steak with it. I need a recipe or two however to use the remaining blue cheese. Any ideas or suggestions...
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    new knife on kickstarter

    could you describe or link to someone describing what a hollow grind is?
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