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    Safety Question on Cooking Pork Ribs

    Yes, it's probably safe, but it's not good food handling.  If, for some reason, you want to braise in the same liquid you used as a marinade (completely unnecessary), you should strain the marinade, boil it separately for a few minutes at a hard boil, reduce to a simmer for a few more minutes...
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    Calling all smokers,

    If I'm making a gravlaks type cure, followed by a very light, cold smoke; I sprinkle the fish salt, sugar, and press the fish with herbs (dill, usually), sprinkle a little booze (gin, Vermouth or a fruity white or rose, or a flowery white like a Riesling), press two pieces together face to face...
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    smoker newbie doing my first pork butt

    Smoking with a pit like yours is more about fire management than anything else.  Your next steps are to purchase (a) a book which has a LOT of information about smoking in a Weber Kettler (Steve Raichlen is very good with WKs), and (b) some thermometers (or a combination thermometer) for reading...
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    Gyuto Recommendation (Good looks and performance)

    Fun is a factor, so is appearance, so is anything else you want to be important.  It's your money.  For good or for ill, lasers all look pretty much alike; although, you can get a custom handle if you want.   Blades with "interesting" designs and finishes are san-mai more than not, and...
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    Masakage Mizu, and Yuki Wa-Gyuto, how hard are they to maintain????

    Mizu is Aogami #2 carbon clad in kurouchi carbon.  As with other kurouchi carbon jigane / carbon hagane  san-mai knives, the kurouchi finish will provide some protection against corrosion but is far from impervious.  All kurouchi finishes eventually wear off, some faster than others.  I don't...
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    Sharpening cheap kitchen knives

    The best sharpness test is cutting something.  BDL
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    Calling all smokers,

    As long as you keep chamber temp below 40C (give or take) you're "cold smoking."  We cold smoke outdoors in a large covered pit, which usually serves as our Santa Maria style steak grill.  The foods we mostly cold smoke are fish, sausage, and cheese.    To keep temps down, we run the smoke in...
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    Help on choosing a new 240mm Gyuto (CARBON)!

    The Richmond part of Richmond Knives is Mark Richmond, the guy who owns CKtG. Richmond knives are designed by Mark, have a lot of input from Mark, or at least have their design approved by Mark. Richmond does not actually manufacture any knives itself, rather the knives are made OEM by several...
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    Help on choosing a new 240mm Gyuto (CARBON)!

    The Konosuke is a laser.  While there are plenty of things it can do, there are a few things it shouldn't -- and a few more which you my find awkward.  The two things which are most limiting about lasers is how thin they are "behind the edge" which restricts them from certain heavy-duty tasks...
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    bread does not rise in oven

    Nest time you make miche or boule, try this:  Find a ball or tightly woven basket ("banneton"), the bottom of which is close to the eventual shape you'd like. Mix, knead and proof the loaf as before, until you get to the stage where you form the ball;Form the ball by using the "pull down"...
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    Grinding down the Sabatier finger guard

    Anyone who can grind down a Sab fingerguard with sandpaper is my hero.  I used to use a coarse India, but it takes too long.  Now I use a drum attachment on my dremel.  You want to grind enough off the sides of the finger guard so the finger-guard doesn't fight you when you sharpen.  That's...
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    Help on choosing a new 240mm Gyuto (CARBON)!

    Originally Posted by Amused   Not at all. There's really not much of a comparison because they're so different. Konosuke: The Kono HD is a laser.  The first thing to understand about a laser is that it's a laser.  You either want a laser or you don't.  They all have the same weaknesses, and...
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    Help on choosing a new 240mm Gyuto (CARBON)!

    21cm vs 24cm is more important than Misono Sweden vs Masamoto HC.  Everything else being equal I slightly prefer the HC, but without getting into subtle nuances, the difference between 21cm and 24cm is more unequal than you might think.  The 24cm Masa is about $30 more than the Misono, right? ...
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    Konosuke HD2 (Wa-Gyuto) stainless is semi-stainless?

    Konosuke's semi-stainless is darn near stainless if you wipe it down as you work.  It will develop spots if you leave it sitting around, especially if you've been cutting something acidic, it gets a bunch of salt on it, etc.  Those come off easily with baking soda and a Scotch-Brite.  I'm not...
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    Salmon ideas

    teamfat my brother, Give with the recipe. BDL
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