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  • In your comments about Shun said you could make recommendations. I would like to spend about $90 for a chef's knife. I think the japanese steel is the best which is the best for the money?

    I took your advice on a 15/10 compound bevel on my MAC Pro paring knife. The edge chipped out a bit.

    I'm thinking about 20/15 or 20/18 for my larger MAC pro's.

    Do you have any thoughts on this?

    dear b.d.l., i have bought most of my knives by your recommendations and have not gone. i get most of my knives from mark at cktg. what i want next is a large cimiter to break down short lions money is no concern so i would like the best that you know of, do the japanese make one? they are my favorite.
    All I know is I want to buy the gas powered alarm clock our government has awarded an approval star to. Does anyone know what store handles it . Maybe heirloomer does. EDB
    Glad to see your website is finally up and running!!! LOVE the entries so far...especially on ribs and alfredo :)
    can you help me might you know how to make a puff pastrey i am a teenage chef im on a skills usa team and i do hot side and i need to make it for a event and have no clue how to bake
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