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    The Four Pillars of Wine for Beginners

    Great, that explains it nicely. Interesting fact about why wines should be turned if being stored for long periods too, I'd heard that one but also didn't know why. Thanks for the replies despite this being an old thread :).
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    The Four Pillars of Wine for Beginners

    Great introduction Virgil. Wine is definitely a subject I stay quiet on when its being discussed as I don't know much about it :P. Just curious, why should wine be stored on its side?
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    What do the Irish eat on St Patty's day? ...

    Haha, nice one. I wonder if these people are living in the states or Ireland though, that could definitely change their perception. I have to say, sometimes their accept is so thick I can barely understand them 
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    Hi all, thanks for having me

    Hi all, I'm a food lover and a rank beginner at cooking. Here to learn all I can. Hope you'll excuse my dumb questions from time to time :P
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    New, Amatuer, Excited!

    Welcome Michelle. Glad to see I'm not the only amateur around here! Looks like a lot of knowledgable people around so I'm sure we'll be up to speed in no time.
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    What did you have for dinner?

    I didn't take a photo but I made chicken breast stuffed with mint, parsley, cheese and garlic and wrapped in bacon. Yum Yum. Also a garden salad.
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