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    The January 2018 Challenge is...

    Oh shit that looks and sounds amazing!!! I’m a big sweet tooth guy and I would devour that no question.
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    The January 2018 Challenge is...

    I made a coffee dish with chicken but I can’t figure out how to post a picture from my phone! It was super good, it was coffee breaded chicken drums with confit cherry tomatoes, sweet potato chips, and red eye gravy.
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    Becoming A Better Chef: Advice please

    Hello everyone! I'm currently doing an apprenticeship after working in the industry three years. I officially start my first year rotation in a nice steakhouse within a resort in January. I will start there and rotate through all the other restaurants over the course of my apprenticeship. I'm...
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    Progressing and moving along?

    Well in my opinion, you should shop around for other jobs and keep in mind while you're looking what have you learned at your current job that's a transferable skill? Obviously you will need to learn a new menu and kitchen layout, but what other than restaurant specific things won't you know? Do...
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    The November 2017 Challenge is . . . COMFORT FOOD

    Love the theme! It's getting nice and cold up here so tonight I made a lasagna! It was my first lasagna and it turned out pretty good! Left my machine at my dad's so I rolled it out by hand and it ended up a little bit too thick but other than that - delicious!
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