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    At the butcher

    By cracking the bones you make the bones smaller . As a result you create a larger surface area and this releases  more flavor in a shorter cooking time.
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    OK to use Dutch Oven Pot to Roast Pork

    Yes. perfect choice.
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    Garlic shrimp scampi pasta - cheese or no cheese?

    Scampi is a kind of langoustine , also known as a red shrimp. the shell is  red even before you cook them.
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    Copper Pot Grey Stock

    Years back we always blanched all our bones for stock first. A practice that is forgotten by most but very effective when a clear stock is wanted.. You start with cold water and washed bones. Bring it to a boil fist ,then wash off the bones in cold water and rinse off all impurities visible and...
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    name of a dish I forgot

    Pain Perdu ???
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    The Pioneer Woman

    I'll  drink to that. And make it a double.
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    Which do you prefer?

    Cheese for breakfast and dessert after dinner
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    Which do you prefer?

    d I depends what you are using it for ? two totaly different sauces?
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    Which do you prefer?

    Could you  please tell us why you think sliced to order should  be preferred ?
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    Which do you prefer?

    Came followe by mbert fist RIPE camembert.   Brie only if imported.( love isle de France)
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    Which do you prefer?

    It depends, I like them both It depends. I like them both . Rump steak And now I'll ask Prepackaged sliced cheese or cut to order at the Deli counter ?
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    Garlic shrimp scampi pasta - cheese or no cheese?

    I do not know what is correct, if there is  right or wrong way. When I hear ' pasta " I think of pasta being Italian first and Italians are known to serve the best pasta.
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    Garlic shrimp scampi pasta - cheese or no cheese?

    Whatever YOU. I like . I do prefer  mine without she cheese. For me the cheese covers up the taste of the shrimp. If you are Italian you know what is correct. I am not asking you to show me your passport.
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    Small rice size lumps!

    Did you add enough baking powder ?  Was your baking powder very old ? Did you have enough liquid ?
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    Guess The Dish...

    NO. But you are in same areat
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